48200: Reading List
Lubetz Studio Reading List S07

Aalto, A. Alvar Aalto In His Own Words. 
Alexander, C.&  P. Eisenman. Contrasting Concepts of Harmony.
Benedikt, M. Materiality.
Blanchot, M. The Infinite Conversation (excerpts).
Blanchot, M. Two Versions of Imaginary.
Bletter, R.H. "Mies and Dark Transparency" 
Bois, Y. A. Picturesque Stroll Around Clara-Clara.
Botticher, K. Theory of Raiment.
Buchanan, P.Ten Shades of Green
Buchanan, P. Why is Europe Winning?
Deplazes, A. The Pathos of Masonry
Eisenman, "Visions Unfolding" 
Frampton, K. Rappel L'Ordre: The Case for the Tectonic.
Frampton, K. Reflection on the Scope of the Tectonic.
Herzog, J. Emerging European Architects.
Iovine, J. "Sloppy Construction." New York Times.
Jencks, C. Selections from Theories and Manifestos: Po-Mo.
Judd, D. Discussions.
Judd, D. Some Aspects of Color.
Laugier, M. A. An Essay on Architecture.
Lecuyer, A. Radical Tectonics.
Loos, A. Ornament & Crime.
Loos, A. Principles of Cladding.
McCarter, R. Escape from the Revolving Door.
McCarter, R. Integrated Ideal: F. L. Wright.
Moos, S. Idea vs. Craftmanship.
Mori, T. and J. Herzog. Discussion from Inmaterial/Ultramaterial. 
Murcutt, G. Basic Lessons of the Utilitarian.
Peters, T. American Culture of Construction.
Porphyrios, D. From Techne to Tectonics.
Robbe-Grillet Snapshots (excerpts).
Rowe, C. & R. Slutzky. Transparency: Literal and Penomenal.
Ruskin, J. Lamp of Truth, Lamp of Memory.
Semper, G. Four Elements of Architecture.
Semper, G. Primitive Hut.
Semper, G.. Textile Art.
Splitterwerk, "Criminal Architecture"
Tsien, B. and T. Williams. Slowness.
Vidler, Transparency.
Vitruvius, 10 Books on Architecture.
Zago, A."Real What?"
Zumthor, P. and Tsien/Williams. Tension of not being Specific.