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48-120: intro to digital media
cmu school of architecture


3 Planes
Karen Lee
Tom Groner
Richman Neumann
Jensen Ying

5 Planes
Nana Choi
Becky Cole
Jensen Ying

Assembly of a Volume
Carmen Easterwood
Medha Singh
Hank Mei

Descriptive Geometry of a Tool
Jaewon "Joy" Kang I
Jaewon "Joy" Kang II
Dan Rapaport I
Dan Rapaport II
Eric Bruner I
Eric Bruner II

A Cube of Contained Space
Carmen Easterwood I
Carmen Easterwood II
Chasen Vanlang I
Chasen Vanlang II

A Weekend Retreat
Sam Rashid I
Sam Rashid II
Ben Ryan I
Ben Ryan II
Chasen Vanlang I
Chasen Vanlang II


3 Planes
Alyssa Katz: Compilation
Alyssa Katz: Detail

5 Planes
Jensen Ying: Compilation
Jensen Ying: Detail

A Cube of Contained Space
Phil Chu: Compilation
Phil Chu: Detail
Chasen Vanlang: Compliation
Chasen Vanlang: Detail

Playing Card Assembly
Tom Groner: Compilation
Tom Groner: Detail
Liam Lowe: Compilation
Liam Lowe: Detail