Test prep for 45-734:

The midterm for this course will be on Thursday, April 11, in class.
Some old exams are available here . One of these exams is from a course I previously taught, and another is from another instructor's version of this course, so that neither is likely to be as close a replication of the upcoming midterm as would be a previous exam for this course written by me.

The review problems at the end of chapters 12 and 13 are also a good source for practice.

Preliminary midterm solutions are now available.

Some example finals are available here.

The solutions to the final are available here.

The overall grading distribution and grade ranges for the course are:

Grade Range Number receiving
A+ 95-100 16
A 90-95 40
A- 88-90 16
B+ 85-88 11
B 75-85 14
B- 69-75 5
C+ 65-69 0
C 55-65 1
C- 60-65 0
R <60 0

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