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Welcome to the Carnegie Mellon FEM/ANSYS Web tutorial.  By going through the problems you will learn: (1) what Finite Element Method (FEM) is, (2) how to model engineering analysis problems using FEM, and (3) how to use a  commercial FEM package, ANSYS.  This is an easy and effective way for you to learn an essential computational skill not directly covered in the regular required courses, but useful in your future career in industry.

Self-paced learning

This Web tutor is a part of the "self-paced learning on the Web" initiative of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Carnegie Mellon University.  We encourage all undergraduate and graduate students to finish this web tutor before they graduate.  To accommodate your already busy schedule you can start and complete the material anytime during your academic years at Carnegie Mellon.  While each section is designed for one semester of self-paced learning, it is totally up to you to decide the pace of learning--it is ok to start in your freshman year and finish it in your senior year!  The department will keep track of which problems you have completed and will  issue a certificate when you finish all the problems in each section of the material.  

Teaching Staff
The self-paced learning course on FEM/ANSYS will be taught by the mechanical engineering faculty. 
   Instructor: Professor Kenji Shimada
   Office: 318 Scaife Hall,  Phone: 8-3614
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   Teaching Assistant: Arbtip Dheeravongkit (Aom)
   Teaching Assistant: Josh Rosen
   Teaching Assistant: Dave Wynne

Home Course Info Problems Test Problems Students Reference
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