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Project overview

Today there is a large explosion of p2p-based systems on internet. P2P networks as communication model connect together a large number of different computers. They provide an efficient way of storing and accessing large amount of data, as demonstrated by the popularity of music file sharing networks such as KaZaa.

The main goal of our project is to implement features in the p2p environment such as authorization for accessing general type of information, authentication between the up loader-downloader and secure channel for transport of the encrypted information in order the content to be secured even if it is eavesdropped. In addition, our system will support billing/charging of information. The sellers will state their own prices for each data (music, video, movie, etc) and in order this data to be downloaded first the buyer must pay the price of the specific data. Therefore our system will support money transaction from one account to another. If time allows, we will present and implement solutions for the issues such as ownership of the document and supporting priority between users. The first most probably will include watermarking; the later will treat customers with large number of transactions with higher priority then the others.
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