15-312 Principles of Programming Languages

Homework Assignments

The programming and written assignments count for half of your final grade. Much of what you learn in this course will be through completing these assignments. Your final homework grade is the average of your grades on the seven assignments.

  Out Assignment Handout Due Solutions
0 Aug 28 Church's λ-Calculus Autolab Sep 5
1 Sep 5 Syntax, Statics, Dynamics Sep 19
2 Sep 19 System T Oct 3
3 Oct 3 System F and PCF Oct 17
4 Oct 24 Dynamic Typing Nov 7
5 Nov 7 Parallelism Nov 21
6 Nov 21 Concurrent Algol Dec 6

Handout and Handin

Assignments will be made available on Autolab, and solutions are to be submitted via Autolab (programming) and Gradescope (theory). To submit a homework to Autolab, run make handin.tar in the root directory of the assignment. This will generate handin.tar which may then be uploaded to Autolab. You may make as many submissions as you like before the due date, only the latest will be graded.

Remember that written assignments must be submitted to Gradescope (not Autolab). You will not receive credit for the written portion unless it is successfully submitted to Gradescope.

In general, for programming assignments we ask that you submit your code and inline comments in each file detailing anything you think we need to know to understand your submission. The written assignments are to be typeset in LaTeX and submitted in PDF format. Please use the provided assignment handout source as a reference to typeset your solutions.

Late Policy

Every student has up to 3 late days for use on any assignment throughout the semester, but no homework may be more than two days late. For example, a student may hand in Assignment 1 one day late and Assignment 4 two days late, but then all remaining assignments must be handed in by the deadline. By one day late we mean 24 hours late. Late homework should be submitted as usual on Autolab and Gradescope. Both portions of the homework are considered together for the purposes of late days. That is, if the written, programming, or both parts of the homework are late by one day, then the entire assignment is considered to use one late day.

No homework assignment will be accepted more than two days after the due date. Once you used your budget of three late days for the semester, each late day will be assessed a 25% on your grade for that assignment. So, if you are two days late and over budget, you can earn at most 50% credit for an assignment.

Extra Credit

Some assignments will have extra credit questions. The intent is for such questions to be interesting, although some may be very hard. Partial answers and half-baked ideas are welcome and will receive some credit as long as it is clear you have seriously considered the question. See the home page for how extra credit will count towards your grade.

Advice on Programming Assignments

Advice on Written Assignments

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