B11: RasMol Functionality.

With Javascript enabled browsers it is possible to add a command line interface such that RasMol-like commands can be executed within the Chime window. The most important uses of the command line would be to select individual residues within a protein or to change the color of the background. The latter function is useful for copying images to other applications via the clipboard. The Javascript used here was modified from the material provided by Eric Martz at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Since the inclusion of this command line window requires Javascript programming it will not be available on all Chime pages. You should be able to type any Rasmol command in the dialog box, followed by return to execute the command. The 'Again' button simply reloads the previous command.

A number of examples are given on this page for some of the more useful RasMol-like commands. Additional examples are also provided for Serine Proteases. A more complete description of the commands can be obtained from the RasMol Tutorial

Note: If you do not see an image of Protein G, rendered in wireframe, try re-selecting option 11 in the left frame.