B9: How to save files and images.

Saving Images: The image displayed in the Chime window can be pasted to the the clipboard. You can then transfer the image to various other programs (e.g. Word, Photoshop, etc.). To paste the image to the clipboard do the following (expected menu display is shown on the left):
The particular Chime display on this page already has a white background (best for printing an image). In order to change the background color of a Chime page it is necessary to have a JavaScript command line to enter the command to change the color. An example is given in the section on RasMol Functionality.
Many of our course Chime pages have buttons that change the background to white, light blue, or black.

Saving Coordinate Files: The coordinate file (also known as the protein database file (PDB)) can be saved as a text file by using the following commands:
File¬Save Molecule As...

After you select this menu cascade a dialog box will open and request a file name. If you open this file later it will automatically start Chime in a window. If you resize this window to full screen and then re-open the file you will have a full-screen chime page. Alternatively, you can open this file in RasMol as well.