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Who We Are

Sustainable Earth is a group of students from Carnegie Mellon University who are dedicated to bring more awareness to the campus and outside community of Pittsburgh about practicing sustainable ways of life.

We are involved with many projects and activities that will broaden the horizon of sustainability at Carnegie Mellon. Our current projects include composting, the Green Roof Initiative, gardening projects, environmental public service announcements, and environmental education.

Last year we at Sustainable Earth petitioned and got over ONE THOUSAND signatures of students who want CMU to use 51% alternative energy. We submitted the petitions to President Jared Cohon in January to bring to the board of trustees. So far, the board has been avoiding the issue. This semester, we plan to find out why nothing has been done. To help out, spread the word about the petition. MAKE IT A BIG DEAL. We also plan to gather concrete data on energy saving techniques and renewable energy sources to bring to the administration.

Another major project this year is Focus the Nation. Focus the Nation is a national "teach in" on global warming. This event is a one day lecture series which will commission faculty and experienced politicians to speak. The event will be held at CMU in January 2008. We have the job of organizing classrooms and lecture topics, so if there is something you want discussed join Sustainable Earth and get it on the agenda! For more information, visit

Also coming up is Powershift 2007. This is a global climate change (global warming) conference in Washington DC from November 2-5.

Sustainable Earth will also be hosting UC Late Night on November 27 and UC Friday on Earth Day next spring.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved with Sustainable Earth, please contact us at: