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              CAD/CAE/CAM                    Summer 08

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(1) Calculus and Linear Algebra
(2) Programming experience in at least one language
     (C, C++, Java, Fortran, Matlab, etc.)


There is no designated textbook for this course. 


Reading: Reading assignments are given occasionally .  Check the "Schedule" section regularly for each week's reading assignment.  
Problem Sets
: 7 problem sets, some with computational assignment, are given to help students better understand the course material.   Problem sets are downloadable from the "Schedule" section.
Individual Effort
: The solutions to all the problem sets and the project that you hand in should be generated by your individual effort.  It is ok to discuss the approach to problems with other students, but the written solutions and programs must be your own work and should not be copied from someone else. 
Hand-in Directory
Late Policy:  30% off for one YNU class day, 60% off for two YNU class days, and no credit after the solutions are posted.     
Grade Correction
: Please review a graded Problem Set right after it is returned to you to make sure that there is no error in grading.  If you find a grading error, you need to let the instructor know as soon as possible but no later than two YNU class days from the date the Problem Set solutions are posted on the web to have the grade corrected.

Policy on Missed Quizzes

A missed quiz counts as zero credit unless you get permission in advance from the instructor.  If you are sick a note from the student health center is also required.  A make-up quiz may not be of the same difficulty as the in-class quiz.   The instructor can also give an oral make-up quiz instead. 

Your Grade

Your final grade will be determined by an absolute method of grading.   This is to allow you to obtain a grade based on your individual performance without having to compete with others.  It is thus possible for the whole class to get an A grade or in the other case for the whole class to get a C grade.  (Of course we hope that you all will work hard and get an A!)  The final letter grade ranges are:  
A: 100-85%    B: 85-70%   C: 70-55%    D: 55-40%

Grading Items Total Points
7 Problem Sets 6% x 7 42%
4 Quizzes 10% x 4 40%
Class Participation 18% 18%

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