January 16th, 1985
The United States District Court for the
Western District of Pennsylvania

Robert R. Lansberry


U.S. Magistrate Robert Mitchell
U.S. Secret Service,
Department of Justice

Fact and Issues

1. Plantiff is a physchological and medical human subject of the United States Government. This is a case of government wrong doing to an innocent unsuspecting citizen. The plantiff is a guinea pig of the United States. A vast conspiracy of silence exists to cover up this wrong doing. This involves the plantiff genetically inheriting a very high pitch of hearing which enables him to hear a silent radio which is manned and operated by various groups sponsored by the U.S. Government. The plantiff hears voices (silent) which has destroyed his life and his childrens lives. The Plantiffs wife has divorced him over the strange ways he acted in attempting to beat the silent voices. In retrospect the Plantiff did everything wrong in his attempts but no one told truth and no one advised him.

This suit is Plantiffs attempt to expose truth to end this terrifying and harmful nonsense.

The Government has set up a new race to discriminate against. Any person born with high hearing pitch is automatically discriminated against and is deprived of equal protection of laws.

In Websters Third International Dictionary the definition of race (2B) A class or kind of individuals with common characteristics. (3F) A division of mankind possessing traits that are transmitted by descent and sufficient to characterize as a distinct human type. Syn: Each made up of an aggregate of persons who are thought of or think of themselves as comprising a distinct unit. In technical discriminations, all more or less controvosial and often lending themselves to all great popular misunderstanding or misuse.

Race hatred has slowly developed against the Plantiff and similar persons over the last ninty years as these people are being used as guinea pigs in cruel studies by various groups.

2. Plantiff cites USCS 42 Para 1985 (3) in stateing a conspiracy of U.S. Secret Service, (censored) U.S. Magistrate Robert Mitchell, and Postal Inspection to imprison the Plantiff, to possibly place the Plantiff in a mental institution and to destroy the Plantiffs reputation ecause the Plantiff was complaining about being mind controlled by silent radio and mail censorship. Plantiff seeks file information which proves this allegation. It is impossible for all involved not to have known the Plantiffs status. The Defendants and Postal Inspection violated the Plantiffs civil rights and denied equal protection of the laws.

“Para 3” 42 1985: If one or more persons engaged therin do, or cause to be done, any act in furtherance of the object of such conspiracy, whereby another is injured in his person or property, or deprived of having and exercising any right or privledge of a citizen of the United States, the party so injured or deprived may have an action for the recovery of damages, occasioned by such injury or deprivation, against any one or more of the conspirators.

Plantiff cites Pendell v Chatham College (1979 DC PA) 386F Supp 341, that Defendatns and postal inspection conspired to discriminate because Plantiff is a psychological human subject and a advocate of such subjects. The history of mind controlling these guinea pigs as the plantiff has turned into class hatred, discrimination and to depriving this hated guinea pig class of equal protection of the law.

Plantiff states the almost certain success of destroying the normal guiena pig has caused contempt, distain and invidious discriminatory animus in these conspirators.

Plantiff cites U.S. Constitution amendment number fourteen. Section 1. “Nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of low; nor deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of laws.

The famous Miranda case V. Arizona clearly states that if any defendant requests an attorney all questioning stops until a attorney has met with the Defendant. Both the secret agent (censored) and Magistrate Mitchell ignored this. This case is an abuse of due process of law in depriving the innocent plantiff of liberty. Public degenders Hoffman and Whiteman who did a terrible job of representing the plantiff never held a prior meeting with the plantiff before the hearing.

The plantiff wrote thousands of letters. All dictated by silent radio voices because he was searching for information and complaining. The desperation of a guiena pig seeking an impossible escape or release the boredom of no employment, no family, no money, no car, and no friends, caused this out pouring of dictated letters. The letters to Mondal were originally complaints of mail censorship. At the same time the silent radio mind controllers were dictating manuscripts which the plantiff was hopeing to publish. The mind controllers stats Mondale saved original manuscripts. Mondale might help public you. This is how the plantiff mailed these manuscripts to Mondale. There was not a death threat in them as the hearings state. Secret Agent (censored) lied in the hearings. Plantiff believes Secret Agent (censored) was one of the silent radio mind controllers who failed in having the plantiff write a death threat. Plantiff believes the Secret Service files would prove this is part of every Secret Service agents training. The contempt of the Defendant in class hatred for silent radio mind controlled guiena pigs led to the Plantiffs imprisonment for a perfect conspiracy existed with no equal protection of laws.

3. Plantiff sues (censored) for the mental competency and other file information. Plantiff has almost gone crazy trying to serve the briefs to (censored) has a phone answering machine which the plantiff must have called a hundred times to find out how to deliver the brief without an answer. The prison refuses his mail. Allegheny County Commissioner Hafer accepted all briefs and stated he would get them but hten said no after sitting on them a month. Plaintiff does not have a car and must rely on the post office.

Plantiff cannot find employment with his dismal record of prison, his mental record, his poor media image: every employer asks have you been in prison and why. Have you seen a psychatrist and why. “I hear voices”. Plantiff needs (censored) mental compentency report to get social security disability which Plantiff surely deserves.
Plantiff believes (censored) files would indicate that the Planitff is a government guiena pig.

4. The ultimate prood that the Plantiff never made a threat of death is that the White House allows the Plantiff to picket every year for three or four months. The Plantiff will picket the White House Jan 17 to Jan 22 with signs “DOES SILENT RADIO CONTROL YOU MIND” and “STOP MAIL CONSORSHIP”. If the Plantiff had threatened the vice presidents life, he would not be allowed to do so.

5. One of the basic ideas of Freedom of Information is to stop wrong doing by government. The Plantiff and his children have suffered greatly for no reason. This is grad ass by bureaucrats which must be stopped. The average person in Pittsburgh considers the Plantiff a weirdo goofball. This shows how perfect a conspiracy this is. Plantiff describes this as the greatest conspiracy of silence in the history of man. Everybody and their brother attacks the plantiff.

6. Without the Post Office this system could not work. There is no question of how high postal employee wages will go for you must keep a man like me destitute. I predict the day will come when a postal employee will receive a judges wages if you continue such severe mail censorship. With money a person could inform entire cities of the silent radio. Why a silent radio could be purchased.

7. The Plantiff realizes judicial immunity always wins but in Magistrate Mitchells files must be an indication that the Plantiff is a mind controlled guiena pig. There must be a master file available to judges which lists names of all government guiena pigs. Plantiff requests this master list of all similar persons.

8. The most important part of this case are the lies of secret service Agent (censored) about mind control and silent voices. On page 11 of the hearing transcript Sept. 29, 1977 in questioning of this Agent (censored) stated A. “Just – I heard it here for the very first time.” Q. “In Secret Service you do not delve into this whatsoever?” A. “Ho, sire, we don’t”. In the second hearing October 6, 1977 again Secret Service Agent (censored) stated he knew nothing of it.
Dec 16 issue of USA Today either 1983 or 1984 had an article that silent voice radio tapes are being play in department stores telling customers not to steal. This is the only time a media has informed the public, but the silent radio was invented in 1895. It is impossible secret service Agent (censored) would not be an expert. Plantiff charges Agent (censored) committed purgery. Plantiff charges he is fighting secrecy and secret laws. No one ever beats city hall.

9. Almost every word in these briefs have been dictated by the silent radio voices. Plantiff does this for fun and to eliminate boredom. Plantiff does not believe he has a chance in hell of ever winning anything. To give the court a laugh the Plantiff will die trying to force the Post Office to deliver the briefs to (censored) Plantiff notes you have ignored ordering (censored) to anwer. To be a successful guiena pig you must have a sense of humor. It helps if you are dumb as hell.

10. In conclusion, if the court wants the plantiff to stay out of the courtroom, simply order the silent radio voices to stop bugging the Plantiff to sue. Plantiff is happier just carrying his signs and passing out leaflets. Plantiff considers himself stupid. God only knows, some one with intelligence would have won something by now.

Robert R. Lansberry

Box 1153
Pittsburgh, PA 15230
Attorney Pro Se

US Secret Service
Federal Bureau of Investigation
US Dept of Justice
Mag. Robert Mitchell