C Nancy Galbraith: Dancing Through Time D
info: Dancing Through Time

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performers: Carnegie Mellon Contemporary Ensemble
Daniel Nesta Curtis – artistic director
Stephen Schultz – amplified Baroque flute
David Harding – amplified viola
program: [01] Dancing Through Time: Movement 1
[02] Dancing Through Time: Movement 2
[03] Dancing Through Time: Movement 3
release info: CD Baby • 2016 • UPC: 888295517881 • EP (20 minutes)
album notes:

Nancy Galbraith's diverse catalog includes music ranging from choral works of a most sacred nature (Requiem, Missa Mysteriorum, Lumen Christi, et al.), all the way through cross-over instrumental works that defy classification. The later group includes five electro-acoustic works composed for renowned Baroque flutist Stephen Schultz. Dancing Through Time is the latest in that series. It was premiered at Carnegie Mellon University in April 2016 with all the musicians who appear on this recording.
    In this work, both soloists—Schultz and violist David Harding—perform with amplification and reverb to provide an exciting, electrified timbre.

source: nancygalbraith.com