95-733 Internet of Things

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Look for frequent updates to the topics, slides and readings.

Week 1: Tuesday January 16, Thursday January 18
Required: Enabling the Internet of Things
Required: Google's Physical Web Short video
Discussed in article above : URIBeacon is now Eddystone - uses existing app on your phone
Required: Connect Photon to CMU Wi-Fi
Photons and Windows 10 Set up
Required: Sci Am on the Internet of Things
Blockchain and the Internet of Things
Required: Read Chapter 1 of Web of Things Book
Required: AJAX Article (from IBM) By Philip McCarthy
Required: AJAX Code discussed in the article by Philip McCarthy
Required: HTML5 Websocket screencast from Oracle
Required: JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Grammar
Introductory servlets
Firebug tutorial
Debugging AJAX
Blockchain and IoT
Hello World Using JSON and AJAX
Simple JSONP example
General viewing: Lynda and CMU Tutorials
General: Enterprise Integration Patterns
Introduction to course and four styles of HTTP interaction
Project 1 Servlets, AJAX, JSON, Web Sockets, Particle Photon
Week 2: Tuesday January 23, Thursday January 25
Working with websockets
The Computer for the 21st Century
Required: Photon Kit
Alternatives to Photon
Asynchronous Javascript and XML
Enabling the Internet of Things

Quiz 1 start of class on Tuesday on article: Enabling the Internet of Things
Week 3: Tuesday January 30, Thursday February 1
MQTT Tutorial
Required: Smart, connected products
Internet of Things Landscape
People, Places, Things: Web Presence for the Real World
Quiz 2 start of class on Tuesday on article: The Computer for the 21st Century
Project 2 Publish Subscribe
Project 1 due Thursday 11:59 PM
Week 4: Tuesday February 6, Thursday February 8
Jeff Jaffe (W3C) at Industry of Things World
Sensor Andrew - Large Scale Campus Wide Sensing
Sensor Andrew - Video
CoAP Tutorial
Explaining REST
Constrained RESTful Environments
IPSO Alliance
Open Mobile Alliance
Web of Things Lecture
Connected Products, Microcontrollers, and PAN Protocols
Introduction to XMPP
Quiz 3 start of class on Thursday covers Chapter 5 of "Building the Web of Things" by Guinard and Trifa
Week 5: Tuesday February 13, Thursday February 15
Google Knowledge Graph
Google uses JSON-LD embedded in HTML
Google uses JSON-LD in Knowledge Graph API
JSON-LD Video Basics(1)
JSON-LD Video Core Markup(2)
JSON-LD Specification
From the Internet of Things to the Web of Things: Resource Oriented Architecture and Best Practices
Web of Things
Web of Things Video
Web of Things Architecture at W3C
Web of Things Architecture Matthias Kovatsch (W3C) Video Lecture
JSON-LD video
Rasberry Pi Demo
Google, Yahoo, and Bing support Schema.org
TBL and the Semantic Web
TBL and Linked Data
Linked Data at Nature
A List Apart on RDFa
Google's Use of RDFa
Best Buy uses RDFa for eCommerce
What is RDF?
IoT Integration Patterns, REST, CoAP, Building the WoT
Introduction to RDF
Quiz 4 start of class on Tuesday on Sensor Andrew: Large-scale campus-wide sensing and actuation
Student selected Project 4
Project 3 Webhooks
Project 2 due Thursday 11:59 PM
Week 6: Tuesday February 20, Thursday February 22
Required: Bruce Schneier RSA Conference Keynote on Regulating the Internet of Things
Required: Bruce Schneier Security of Things
Required: Sanjay Sarma and IoT Security
IoT Security Foundation
IoT Security at OWASP
IoT Cryptography
Bluetooth Attack Vector
Edgent video
Cool Water Conservation Project from IBM
Streaming concepts
Streaming with IBM's Node-Red
Streaming with Apache Flink
Apache Spark Streaming
Introduction to Edgent
Quiz 5 start of class on Tuesday on Web of Things Architecture at W3C
Thursday class is cancelled. I will be away at a conference.
Week 7: Tuesday February 27, Thursday March 1 Project 4 Presentation Week

Week 8: Tuesday March 6 Final Exam held during normal class time and place.
Final Exam (Closed book, Closed notes) Canvas Based - Review for final exam


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