95-733 Internet of Things

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Look for frequent updates to the topics, slides and readings.

Week 1: Tuesday January 16, Thursday January 18
Required: Enabling the Internet of Things
Required: Google's Physical Web Short video
Discussed in article above : URIBeacon is now Eddystone - uses existing app on your phone
Required: Connect Photon to CMU Wi-Fi
Required: Sci Am on the Internet of Things
Blockchain and the Internet of Things
Required: Read Chapter 1 of Web of Things Book
Required: AJAX Article (from IBM) By Philip McCarthy
Required: AJAX Code discussed in the article by Philip McCarthy
Required: HTML5 Websocket screencast from Oracle
Required: JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Grammar
Introductory servlets
Firebug tutorial
Debugging AJAX
Hello World Using JSON and AJAX
Simple JSONP example
General viewing: Lynda and CMU Tutorials
General: Enterprise Integration Patterns
Introduction to course and four styles of HTTP interaction
Project 1
Week 2: Tuesday January 23, Thursday January 25
Working with websockets
The Computer for the 21st Century
Required: Photon Kit
Alternatives to Photon
Asynchronous Javascript and XML
Enabling the Internet of Things

Week 3: Tuesday January 30, Thursday February 1
MQTT Tutorial
Required: Smart, connected products
Internet of Things Landscape
People, Places, Things: Web Presence for the Real World
Connected Products and Microcontrollers

Project 1 due Thursday 11:59 PM
Week 4: Tuesday February 6, Thursday February 8
Sensor Andrew - Large Scale Campus Wide Sensing
Sensor Andrew - Video
CoAP Tutorial
Constrained RESTful Environments
IPSO Alliance
Open Mobile Alliance
Introduction to XMPP
IoT Integration Patterns, REST, and CoAP

Week 5: Tuesday February 13, Thursday February 15
Google Knowledge Graph
Jeff Jaffe (W3C) at Industry of Things World
Google uses JSON-LD embedded in HTML
Google uses JSON-LD in Knowledge Graph API
JSON-LD Video Basics(1)
JSON-LD Video Core Markup(2)
JSON-LD Specification
From the Internet of Things to the Web of Things: Resource Oriented Architecture and Best Practices
Web of Things
Web of Things Video
JSON-LD video
Rasberry Pi Demo
Google, Yahoo, and Bing support Schema.org
TBL and the Semantic Web
TBL and Linked Data
Linked Data at Nature
A List Apart on RDFa
Google's Use of RDFa
Best Buy uses RDFa for eCommerce
What is RDF?
Introduction to RDF

Week 6: Tuesday February 20, Thursday February 22
Required: Bruce Schneier RSA Conference Keynote on Regulating the Internet of Things
Required: Bruce Schneier Security of Things
Required: Sanjay Sarma and IoT Security
IoT Security Foundation
IoT Security at OWASP
Bluetooth Attack Vector
Edgent video
Cool Water Conservation Project from IBM
Streaming concepts
Streaming with IBM's Node-Red
Streaming with Apache Flink
Apache Spark Streaming
Introduction to Edgent

Week 7: Tuesday February 27, Thursday March 1 Project 4 Presentation Week

Week 8: Tuesday March 6 Final Exam held during normal class time and place.
Final Exam (Closed book, Closed notes) Canvas Based - Review for final exam


Last Update: January 2018