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This section provides links to organizations, agencies, services, and educational institutions that, in part or in whole, have set a precedent or provide support for linking the arts and creativity to the environment. Selected interdisciplinary environmental links are also included as potential resources or as inspiration for creative practice. Please contact greenarts with your suggestions and comments.

Educational Resources

A resource for art education and educators that includes an extensive section on environmental art.

Besides being one of the best resources for information on eco artists and events an Educators Toolbox (begun Spring 2005) is available including:
Toolbox of Working Methods
Toolbox for Educators
Toolbox for Communities
Toolbox for Parks and Resource Managers
Scott's Botanical Links
A meta site for rated links to information on the study of plants. Compiled and published by Scott Russell through the Department of Botany and Microbiology of the University of Oklahoma.

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology

Workshops and residency programs supporting the relationship between the fine arts crafts and natural science.

Women Artists of the American West: Nature, Culture, Public Space Educational Institutions, Colleges and Universities

Allegheny College, Meadville, PA
Sustainability at Allegheny College
CEED: Center for Economic and Environmental Development
CEED:Arts and the Environment Initiative

Brookes University, Oxford, England: Masters Program in Social Sculpture

Carnegie Mellon University , Pittsburgh, PA

3 Rivers 2nd Nature (Studio for Creative Inquiry)\
Carnegie Mellon Green Practices
Environment Across the Curriculum Initiative
Greening of Early Education
Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education and Research
Center for Arts in Society
Green Design Initiative
Institute for Green Oxidation Chemistry
School of Art (offers some courses in art and ecology)

College of the Atlantic, ME
"A liberal arts college of human ecology on the Maine coast."

Evergreen State College, WA
This state college allows you to design your own course of study. Course offerings include Visual Arts and Environmental Studies. Interdisciplinarity, collaboration, and linking theory with practice are stressed.

Goddard College, VT
M.F.A Program in Interdisciplinary Arts
A low-residency MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts "encompassing a wide spectrum of artistic experiments."
Institute for Social Ecology

Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public LIfe
national consortium of colleges and universities committed to public scholarship in the arts, humanities, and design.. joins serious intellectual endeavor with a commitment to public practice and public consequence." The org hosts an annual conference and the web site provides information on the consortium including news and events.

John F. Kennedy University, CA
Department of Arts and Consciousness, M.F.A. in Studio Arts

"Designed to allow artists from a wide variety of artistic disciplines and points of view to support each other in meaningful artistic expression.
Arts and Healing Network
"An international resource for anyone interested in the healing potential of art."

Naropa College
Offers an unusual mix of courses including Healing Arts, Environmental Studies, and Visual Art, which can be combined through their
Interdisciplinary Studies BA.

Prescott College, AZ
Strongly emphasizes ecological literacy and experimental education.

Schumacher College, U.K.
An international centre for Ecological Studies.

A short course, Art and Ecology, is offered from October 2-21, 2005. "Artists working with a variety of techniques - drawing, painting, sculpting, photograms, photography, and land art - will talk about the connections between their art, subjective experience and landscape."

University College Falmouth : RANE (U.K.)
A transdisciplinary research "cluster" for Art, Nature and Environment at Falmouth. Has held a lecture series and offers a fellowship in the context of examining "ways in which art can respond to the current environmental crisis, and contribute to contemporary ecological debates."

University of San Diego: Ethics Update
Founded in 1994 by Lawrence M. Hinman. Not specifically arts related, but a good resource for educators who want to keep up on current literature in theoretical and applied ethics. Resources section includes, among other links, a glossary, ethics events calendar, and case studies.

Vermont College, VT
Although the Art Department does not have an environmental art program, its focus on interdisciplinarity, community art, and theory is eco-friendly.

Washingon State University: Cultural Environmental Studies: A Resource Site.
Part of the American Studies Program; with a special interest in environmental justice as regards race, class, gender, sexuality, age, region, eco-colonialism. Includes the Environmental Art and Visual Culture site with links to eco-activist art and web sites.

Educational Institutions, Other

Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada
"Dedicated to the professional development of accomplished artists and managers." Examples of support for eco-sensitive projects and programs.
Centre for Art: Media and Visual Arts (browse Artists' Projects)
Centre for Management's Environmental Leadership Program
Centre for Mountain Culture

Institute for Scientific and Environmental Awareness, Buzzards Bay, MA
"A Self Sufficient, Higher Educational Center. Technological Advancement with an Environmental Conscience." Emphasizes creativity in it's mission statement.

Institute of Noetic Sciences
Goal is to inform "frontier findings on personal and social consciousness and it's relationship to the physical world through publications, events and education through publications, events and educational media.."honor open-minded approaches and multiple ways of diversity of perspetives on social and scientific matters."

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News and Media Sources

  • AirAmerica: ecotalk
    Betsy Rosenberg interviews authors, activists, and business leaders for whom "green does not just mean money." Sundays 7- 8 a.m. on various stations.
    AirAmerica also broadcasts a number of other shows including the Al Franken show

Grist Magazine
"gloom and doom with a sense of humor".. also contains busted! "exposing sneaky advertising tricks and dubious greenwashing claims.

  • The Onion (Onion, Inc. Madison, WI)
    An online satirical magazine. Satellite offices in Boston, Denver, New York and Milwaukee
  • Paper Tiger Television
    "smashing the myths of the information industry". Includes the extensive Index to Alternative Media Links.
  • WPSI Art Radio (P.S.1 MOMA)
    A censorship-free, talk and historic spoken-word programs focusing on contemporary art, music and literature from around the world.
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Organizations and Services

Art in the Public Interest
Community-based and socially concious art; co-directors of
Community Arts Network

Art Culture Nature (ACN): An Association for the Study of Arts and the Environment
"Founded in 1997, ACN is an interdisciplinary organization which brings together artists and teachers in the fine and performing arts as well as environmentalists and educators in the humanities, sciences and social sciences who are interested in the study of the connections between the arts and environmental studies."

Formed in 1999 by the New England BioLabs Foundation. Artists can volunteer to do work in their discplines to help bridge communication between " non-governmental organizations and their constituencies."
Web site includes guidelines and artists statements.

Arts Catalyst
Not necessarily eco-sensitive, this non-profit agency promotes and facilitates projects between artists and scientists. Founded in 1993 by Nicola Triscott and Vivienne Glance.

Community Arts Network
A non-profit program based in North Carolina through Art in the Public Interest. A "portal to the field of community arts" including visual art, dance, theatre/performance, public art, music, media arts, literature/narrative. Provides news, documentation, theoretical writing, communications, research and educational information.

Creative Capital Channel: Environment

One of the topics sections of the Creative Capital Foundation for the Arts (New York, NY) a non-profit organization which funds individual artists.

Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public LIfe
national consortium of colleges and universities committed to public scholarship in the arts, humanities, and design.. joins serious intellectual endeavor with a commitment to public practice and public consequence." The org hosts an annual conference and the web site provides information on the consortium including news and events.

North American Sustainable Consumption and Production Database
Arts and Entertainment is one of the many sectors included in this searchable database. An initiative of the North American Sustainable Consumption Alliance/Pollution Prevention World Information Network. Search by sectors, focus areas, tools/approaches, country or organization type. Includes other resources, directives and news and event briefs.

RSA:Royal Society for the Arts
A non-proft organization emphasizing social activism, projects and lectures related to 5 manifestos: Encouraging Enterprise, Moving Towards a Zero Waste Society, Fostering Resilient Communities, Developing a Capable Population and Advancing Global Citizenship. Environmental initiatives include Shared Mental Models of Sustainability, Environment Awards Forum, SAGE (Sustainable Action Group Exchange) and the WEEE Man a humanoid figure made out of the amount of electrical waste one UK citizen consumes in a lifetime. Site includes a forum, library and archive, RSA Journal and fellowships.

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology
Workshops and residency programs supporting the relationship between the fine arts crafts and natural science.

Society for Ecological Restoration

Teaneck Creek Conservancy, Bergen County, New Jersey
A non-profit agency whose mission is to create a recreational, educational, cultural, and ecological park "where nature, history and art come together full circle." Programs can include visting eco-artists, trailside eco-art exhibitions, nature and history walks, performative public art, geocaching, and special school programs.

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Conferences and Symposia


Action in Place: Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability.

Goddard College, Plainfield, VT.
October 6-9.

Americans for the Arts: Events

Lay of the Land: Public Art, Politics, and the Environment
The Public Art Preconference June 9–10, 2005 Austin, Texas

Art Culture Nature (ACN) Conferences

Earth Rites: Imagination and Practice in Sci-Arts Eco-Culture
May 19-21 University of Washington, Bothell

Bioneers:Visionary Solutions for Restoring the Earth and People: 16th Annual Conference

Marin Center, San Rafael, CA
October 14-16, 2005

Darwin Summer Symposium

Evolving the Future
July 20-22 Shrewsbury School, Schrewsbury England
Internationally acclaimed artists and scientists, local people and leaders from authorities and industry will present visions for sustainable living."

Ecology and Phenomenology

March 11-12 Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sixth Annual Imagining America
National Conference :

Public Engagement and
Intercultural Practice: New Democratic Spaces for Scholars and Artists

September 30-Oct 1
Rutgers: The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick

National Women's Studies Association Conference

Women and the Environment: Globalizing and Mobilizing
June 9-12, Orlando Florida

Society for Ecological Restoration: International

The World Conference on Ecological Restoration Ecological Restoration: A Global Challenge
September 12-18, Saragoza, Spain

World Environment Day

June 1-5 San Francisco, CA


Bioneers: Visionary and Practical Solutions for Restoring the Earth

2004: 15th Annual Conference: Declarations of Independence
October 15-17, Marin Center, San Rafel, California

Global Forum on Water (Fotofest 2004)

April 1-4. U.S. and International scientists, policymakers, activists, religious leaders, and creative thinkers get together to assess the state of water in the world. Streaming video available at this site.

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