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This section provides some of the best links to web sites containing detailed information on individual artists, exhibitions and multiple-artist projects which focus on art and ecology and/or eco-activist art. All sites contain images of artists works or projects.

Please contact us with your suggestions and comments.

  • The Arts and Healing Network
    Founded by Marion Weber. The site began in 1997 to inform and inspire artists, activists, environmentalists and health care professionals about the healing aspects of art. Includes articles, projects, resources, images and information links to artists support and funding.
  • Community Arts Network
    A non-profit program based in North Carolina through Art in the Public Interest. A "portal to the field of community arts" including visual art, dance, theatre/performance, public art, music, media arts, literature/narrative. Provides news, documentation, theoretical writing, communications, research and educational information.
  • D.I.R.T. Studio (Julie Bargmann , Principal Designer)
    Founded in 1992; joins with architects, engineers, scientists, artists, historians, corporate clients and local communities in remediation and "regenerative" projects within post industrial and urban landscapes.
  • Ecoartspace
    Founded by Tricia Watts. A nonprofit organization "working internationally with individuals and organizations who are interested in creating radical approaches to restoring the earth. Using art as a tool, we aim to inspire communities into action when addressing environmental issues." Includes images and links for art education, exhibitions, artists and projects, publications and more.
  • green art
    The creators of this site,, do not name themselves as of this writing, but have selectively created links of interest for printmakers, fibre artists, painters, sculptors, architects, designers, photographers and others concerned with social and environmental issues.
    Founded by Sam Bower. An online museum and the "Art News" for artists concerned about the environment. Contains current news and calendar of events, exhibitions, artists sites, artist opportunities, an educators tool box, and other resources.
  • SAW: Street Art Workers
    Formed in 2001, a U.S. based network of printmakers, stencil artists, graffiti writers and designers using the streets for art as a "creative tool for social change." Members pick a yearly theme and exchange and post work on the streets across the nation. Themes have included prisons, mass media and utopia. The 2005 theme is land and globalization.

  • Women Environmental Artists Directory
    A directory of women artists concerned with environmental issues.
    Includes artists sites, eco art links, and other related resources