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Joseph D. Ramsey



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Software Projects

Tetrad IV ( projects/tetrad). Lead Developer, 1998 – Present. Software for Causal Reasoning, Philosophy Department, Carnegie Mellon University.

AProS ( Lead Developer, 1998 – Present. Software in logic natural deduction proof generation. Philsophy Department, Carnegie Mellon University.

OCT Research. Data analyst, 2004 – 2005. Analysis of OCT retinal imaging daga.

Logic and Proofs ( Programmer and technical advisor, 2000 – Present. Online logic course. Philosophy Department, Carnegie Mellon University.

Courseware in Causal Reasoning ( Web developer, programmer, and consultant, 1998 – Present. Philosophy Department, Carnegie Mellon University.

Computational Systems Biology Group ( Data analyst and programmer, 2001 – 2005. Analysis of genetic microarray data. Philosophy Department, Carnegie Mellon University.

Rockspec ( Data analyst and programmer, 1998-2002. Mineral and rock identification through automatic analysis of spectral signatures. Philosphy Department, Carnegie Mellon University, and NASA Ames.


Joseph Ramsey (2002). "Automated Remote Sensing with Near Infrared Reflectance Spectra: Carbonate Recognition." American Geological Union (AGU) 2002 Fall Meeting.

Wilfried Sieg and Joseph Ramsey (2002). "Computer based logic instruction." Association for Symbolic Logic Annual Meeting, University of Las Vegas.

Joseph Ramsey, Clark Glymour, Ted Roush (2001). "Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Mineral Identification from Near-Infrared Spectra Onboard Future NASA Rover and Spacecraft Missions." Applied Information Systems Research Program Workshop.

Joseph Ramsey (2000). "Automated Mineral Identification from Reflectance Spectra." Applied Information Systems Research Program Workshop.

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