Anupam Datta

Associate Professor
Computer Science Department and
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Carnegie Mellon University

PhD 2005, MS 2002 (Computer Science, Stanford University) 
BTech 2000 (Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Kharagpur)

My research focuses on foundations of security and privacy. I am affiliated with CyLab and the Principles of Programming group. Our research has been generously supported by AFOSR, ARO, HHS/ONC, NSA, NSF, Microsoft Research and Intel (via ISTC-SC/SCRUB).

Program Co-Chair: 2014 IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium [Part of Vienna Summer of Logic/Federated Logic Conference]

Co-Chair: Accountability: Science, Technology, and Policy Workshop [MIT; January 29-30, 2014]

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PhD Students: Jeremiah Blocki (CSD), Alejandro Carbonara (CSD), Amit Datta (ECE), Shayak Sen (CSD), Divya Sharma (ECE), Arunesh Sinha (ECE)

Postdocs: Omar Chowdhury

Alumni: Kumar Avijit (CSD MS 2010; Sumo Logic), Deepak Garg (Postdoc 2009-11; Assistant Professor MPI-SWS), Limin Jia (Postdoc 2009-11; Assistant Research Professor CMU ECE and INI), Jason Franklin (CSD PhD 2012; Research Associate Stanford CS), Michael Tschantz (CSD PhD 2012; Postdoctoral Fellow UC Berkeley), Dilsun Kaynar (Postdoc 2007-12; Assistant Teaching Professor CMU CSD)


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CIC Bldg. Room 2118
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-268-4254, Email: danupam AT