Anupam Datta

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
and (by courtesy) Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley
PhD 2005, Computer Science, Stanford University

My current focus is on foundations and tools for accountable data-driven systems. The goal is to ensure that data-driven systems that employ artificial intelligence and machine learning are not inscrutable black-boxes; rather their operation is explained in a form that enables trust in their operation and protection of societal values, including privacy and fairness. For contributions in this area, I am the recipient of the 2018 David P. Casasent Outstanding Research Award from the CMU College of Engineering. My course covers the state-of-the-art in this area for deep learning technologies.

  • Our 2016 paper on Algorithmic Transparency via Quantitative Input Influence introduced a method for Explainable Machine Learning by leveraging a combination of techniques from co-operative game theory (e.g., Shapley Values) and causality. These methods are now widely used.
  • Our paper from 2015 on Discrimination in Online Behavioral Advertising was an early demonstration that fairness of data-driven systems that use machine learning is a real problem -- a well-recognized and mainstream area of research and practice now.

Note: I am on leave from CMU at Truera (renamed from AILens), a company I co-founded to enable effective and responsible adoption of artificial intelligence.

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