Brian Kovak
Assistant Professor,
    Carnegie Mellon University
    Heinz College
Faculty Research Fellow, NBER
Research Fellow, IZA

Curriculum Vitae


      Rio de Janeiro

Contact Information

(412) 268-5223
(412) 268-4487
Carnegie Mellon University
H. John Heinz III College
4800 Forbes Avenue, HBH 3012
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Working Papers

    Trade Reform and Regional Dynamics: Evidence From 25 Years of Brazilian Matched
    Employer-Employee Data (with Rafael Dix-Carneiro)
        (Draft: January 2015)

    Price and Quality Dispersion in an Offshoring Market: Evidence from Semiconductor
    Production Services (with David Byrne and Ryan Michaels)
        (Draft: February 2014) Revisions Requested
        Code and data resources. VoxEU summary

Journal Articles

    Immigrants Equilibrate Local Labor Markets: Evidence from the Great Recession
Brian Cadena)
        American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (accepted)
        Summaries: VoxEU, NBER Digest, IRP Focus
        Press coverage: Marginal Revolution, Slate, LA Times, Wall Street Journal,
               Washington Post, New York Post

    Trade Liberalization and the Skill Premium: A Local Labor Markets Approach
    (with Rafael Dix-Carneiro)
        American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings (2015) 105(5): 551-557

    Regional Efects of Trade Reform: What is the Correct Measure of Liberalization?
        American Economic Review (2013) 103(5): 1960-1976
        Online appendix
        Recipient of the 2014 IZA Young Labor Economist Award
        Earlier version including migration results: Local Labor Market Effects of Trade
        Policy: Evidence from Brazilian Liberalization (Draft: April 2011)

    Overestimating the Effect of Complementarity on Skill Demand
        B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy (2011) Vol. 11: Iss. 1 (Topics), Article 65

Other Publications

    Assessing Price Indexes for Markets with Trading Frictions: A Quantitative Illustration
        (with Ryan Michaels) in Susan Houseman and Michael Mandel eds., Measuring
        Globalization: Better Trade Statistics for Better Policy. Upjohn, 2015.

    The Growing Problem of Disconnected Single Mothers (with Rebecca Blank)
        in Carolyn J. Heinrich and John Karl Scholz eds., Making the Work-Based Safety Net Work
        Better: Forward-Looking Policies to Help Low-Income Families. Russell Sage Foundation, 2009.
        National Poverty Center Working Paper #07-28

Work in Progress

    Incomplete Contracts and the Labor Market Effects of Offshoring
    (with Lindsay Oldenski and Nick Sly)

    Import Competition, Deindustrialization, and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from
    Portugal (with Lee Branstetter and Ana Venancio)

Teaching and Research Materials

    University of Michigan Econ 101 Spring 2007 Teaching Materials

    STATA Programs