SAS/Windows Downloads: (SAS v9.x 64-bit) TS1M4 and earlier versions (SAS v9.x 32-bit) TS1M4 and earlier versions (SAS v9.x 64-bit) TS1M5 (SAS v9.x 32-bit) TS1M5


Download, unzip the files and move traj.dll to the appropriate folder in your SAS installation. This folder is the location of "sas.exe" + \core\sasexe.


You can search for sas.exe or use your shortcut to SAS. For example, when I right click on my shortcut to SAS and select properties, I get the following:


"C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.4\sas.exe"


From this location of sas.exe I add ”\core\sasexe” to get the correct place for my traj.dll:


C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.4\core\sasexe

Your location may differ from this example!



Move, and to the sasmacro folder which is the location of "sas.exe" + \core\sasmacro.



NOTE: Trajplot and trajplotnew use SAS/GRAPH; Trajtest uses SAS/STAT


SAS/Unix Downloads: (SAS v9.x Linux) TS1M5 (SAS v9.x Unix) TS1M4 and earlier versions


The traj executables are: c\load\traj for LNX (32-bit) c\loadlax\traj for LAX (64-bit) and c\loadsax\traj for SAX (Solaris for Intel).

Place the traj executable in its own directory, and add that directory to your config file in the -PATH option list., and are macros for use with traj. and are two test programs that you can use to verify that the setup has been successful.