62-325 The View Camera


The course will consist of:

  Assignments will be limited to the first half of the course. Far more important is your self-directed project(s). Your success in this course will depend on you having ideas and executing them. It is vitally important that students look critically at each other's work and comment openly, honestly, and with respect. Each student is required to make a presentation in class on the work of a particular photographer or school of photography.

Grading standards
   You will be graded on your participation in the class, attendance, fulfillment of assignments, ongoing work, and your final project. The midterm grade will be based on successful completion of the assignments up to that point.
   Timeliness is important. You must bring in new work each week. Negatives should be brought to class for any images shown. A student who does not produce work steadily throughout the course will not receive an A, even if the assignments and final portfolio are outstanding. The only thing worse than not bringing in new work is not coming to class because you donšt have new work to show.
   If you miss two classes without good reason, your grade will be lowered; no exceptions.

Class Schedule
(subject to change)
Date LectureDemonstration Assign-
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