I. Starting Ansys

Open an xterm window. Type the following in xterm to open Ansys.

Choose Iteractive from the main menu. Change working directory to:

Choose run and hit enter at the prompt.

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II. Importing the Part

FILE -> Import

Select the name of your file. This file was copied into your directory when you exported the file while in ProEngineer


In the prompt, type:

Your drawing graphic should appear in the graphics window.

In the prompt, type:

This enable the part to be meshed by Ansys.

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III. Preprocessing

To open the preprocessor, type the following in the prompt.

To set the proper element type for the part, type the following in the prompt.

PREPROCESSOR ->Materials Props

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IV. Meshing the Part

If you are changing an existing mesh, then clear the existing mesh first.

ANSYS MAIN MENU -> Preprocessor

Click on the interior of the meshed area.

In the ANSYS Input prompt type:


Now set some parameters that determine the element size.

ANSYS MAIN MENU -> Preprocessor

To put in a low resolution mesh, set MINH to 2 and ANGH to 28.

To put in a high resolution mesh, set MINH to 4 and ANGH to 10.

In the prompt, type:

Wait for the meshing to be completed.

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V. Applying Conditions and Loads


Click on the horizontal and vertical lines that meet the arc, then click Okay

PREPROCESSOR -> Select Loads

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VI. Solution

In order for Ansys to solve the problem, type the following:

You can now exit Ansys, choosing to save if you wish.

MAIN -> Exit

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Comments and Questions

Joseph Chan and Christopher Steiling