15-128 meets Tuesday from 3:00 p.m. to 4:20 in 7500 Wean Hall.

During this series, freshman CS majors meet and hear from different members of the SCS community. The speakers talk about our school, their research in CS, the history of computing, and future trends. The goal is to expand the students' concepts of what is Computer Science and what resources are available to them as students within the School of Computer Science.

In addition, this course is a place to build community among the Freshman class, and to extend their horizons within and without CMU. To this end, please read the Passing the IC web page, which describes how to accumulate enough points to pass this course. Download the Point Log, an Excel file for monitoring/describing your activities (you will have to hand int this file).

Current Jobs (for IC points) I'd like to fill (email pattis@cs.cmu.edu to volunteer)
  • I'm looking for software that accepts jpegs containing a rectangular grid of smaller jpegs (from a scanner) and creates a file for each of the individual smaller jpegs.

Index to writeups for talks attended and reported by students (not IC talks).

Schedule: Fall 2006

Date Speaker/Activity
August 29 Randy Bryant, Dean of the School of Computer Science,
Title/Course-Cast: The CMU School of Computer Science/Verification in Hardware and Software
September 5 Luis von Ahn
Title/Course-Cast: Human Computation
Reference: Peekaboom
September 12 Peter Lee
Title/Course-Cast: What Do Proofs Have to Do with Programs
(also, Cynthia Valley, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at Carnegie Mellon)
September 19 Rich Pattis, Scott McElfresh, Mark Stehlik, Holly Hippensteel Kevin Collins, Tina Carr, Catherine Copetas, and a cast of thousands
Title/Course-Cast: Introductions to SCS
September 26 Klaus Sutner, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education,
Title/Course-Cast: Computational Discrete Mathematics or Turing versus Bourbaki
October 3 Raj Reddy
Title/Course-Cast: Artificial Intelligence
(Jennifer Mankoff on RSI)
October 10 Jeannette Wing, Computer Science Department Head,
Title/Course-Cast: Computational Thinking
Reference: TBA
October 17 Ken Koedinger
Title/Course-Cast: Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
October 24 Red Whittaker
Title/Course-Cast: Robotics
Reference: TBA
October 31 Russell Schwartz
Title/Course-Cast: Bioinformatics
Reference: TBA
November 7 Jessica Hodgins
Title/Course-Cast: Computer Animation
References: Animation (dated) and Motion Capture
November 14 Tom Mitchell
Title/Course-Cast: Decoding Mental States from Images of Brain Activity: How Machine Learning Helps Us Study the Brain
November 21 Parents Welcome! Robert Frederking (The Language Technologies Institute in SCS)
Title/Course-Cast: Computers That Talk
Links: LTI's Onlile Survey of Language Translaton Technologies and What Global LanguageThe Atlantic, November 2000.
November 28 Seth Coppen Goldstein
Title/Course-Cast: Technology Trends and Business
A Paper on Claytronics.
December 6 TBA
Title: TBA
Reference: TBA
CMU Sony Legged Robot Soccer Team (see Manuela Veloso)
Student project from Building Virtual Worlds course, Entertainment Technology (see Jesse Schell)
3D Mine Mapping Project

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