Start-up Panel

Panel Description

As the brand new section of 5th CMU Summit, the Start-up Panel will gather the founders of mature startups, who will introduce their companies and products. During the introduction, the speakers will share with audience invaluable lessons gained from their entrepreneurship experiences. The Start-up Panel aims to build up a communication platform between sophistic and young entrepreneurs for seeking and cultivating the next “Unicorn”.


  • Not determined

Panel Speakers

  • Yao Zhang (张尧)
  • Guoyu Lin (林国宇)
  • Han Wang (王涵)
  • Qi Su (苏奇)
  • Xin Zhang (张鑫)
  • Harry Zhou
  • Cheng Lv (吕骋)
  • Zheng Xin (覃政)
  • Ge Zhao (赵弋)
  • He Dong (董和)