Keynote Speakers

Feng Li

Feng focuses on Education, TMT, and Deep Technology. He pays strong attention to E-commerce, Fintech, online education, new generation lifestyle businesses and O2O enterprises. Previously as a partner at IDG-Accel, he led investments on a series of successful projects, including CreditEase, Zhubajie, Prosper, Three Squirrels, Tongbanjie, Didapinche, Bilibili, Coinbase, and etc. Among them, Zhubajie, CreditEase and Prosper successfully joined Billion Dollar Club. The return of investment at seed stage for Three Squirrels, Yiqichang, Tongbanjie, and Wangli Fiance Group is now up to 50 times. Feng led the establishment of IDG-Accel’s post-investment service system, providing help to early stage startups services include public relations, marketing, and human resources. He promoted topic investment strategy including Internet brand, Internet finance, the 90s entrepreneurs project, C2C of O2O and economy sharing approach. Feng obtained B.S. in Chemistry from Peking University, and M.S. in Chemistry from University of Rochester.

Bo Tao

Joined on January 2016, Bo Tao has been the Vice President of Cheetah Mobile. Before, he was VP of Symantec, where he was responsible for building and operating cloud and big data platforms based on OpenStack & Hadoop families of open source technologies, respectively. The platform spans in multiple data centers worldwide and operates tens of thousands of VMs and dozens of petabytes of data. Graduated from Tshinghua University and went to Princeton for ECE PHD. He has more than 10 patents and have received two major book rewards: Book Chapter C0-Author and Book Co-Editor. He is also in the organization of China Institution of Electronics and Internet of Things 2012.

Edwin Piñero

Ed Pinero works to support programs at company operations and to facilitate relations with key stakeholders in regard to sustainability as well as development and implementation of sustainable programs, concerning with infrastructure, water, energy, and waste. Before, Ed Pinero has served in the public sector as the White House Federal Environmental Executive, White House Council on Environmental Quality, where he focused on developing and implementing policies and practices within the federal government, and the Pennsylvania state government in energy and sustainability.

Larry Li

Managing Partner, Amino Capital
Larry Li founded Amino Capital (Formerly known as zPark Capital) in 2012, and he also co-founded TEEC Angel Fund in 2010. His passion is helping entrepreneurs build disruptive products in big data, consumer electronics, drones, enterprise services and He sits on the board of Darma Smart Cushion, Yttro Mobile, Droplet, Candy House, SkuChain, Battlefy, SherpaShare, Cassia, Mage, and also led investment on companies which experienced fast growth, such as Assemblage (acquired by Cisco – NYSE: CSCO), Orbeus (acquired by Amazon – NYSE: AMZN), Skycatch, and Trustlook.

Terrence J. Collins

Teresa Heinz Professor of Green Chemistry
Director, Institute for Green Science
Professor Collins has been recognized internationally for his invention of a new class of oxidation catalysts, "TAML Activators". This is the first full functional mimics of any of the great families of oxidizing enzymes, solving in the process one of the all-time great challenges of reaction chemistry and catalysis. This invention underpins new technologies for treating municipal wastewaters and the effluents of diverse industries.