High Tech

Panel Description

High-tech panel is one of the five major panels of CMU Summit. This event featured with keynote speech, panel discussion and Q&A session. In the unprecedented era of technology, High-Tech radiates all cutting-edge fields: Internet of Things, Game Theory, Autonomous Driving, Computational Biology, Human Computer Interaction, Internet Security. Among all these, High Technology Panel puts its emphasis on Artificial Intelligence this year and aims at revealing how AI reshapes our understanding of the world, how it facilitates other technology and what issues scientists and engineers should be aware of in the new age of AI.


  • Autonomous Driving
  • AI Ethics and Policy
  • Game Theory
  • Security and Privacy
  • Internet Of Things
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Computational Biology

Panel Speakers

  • Tuomas Sandholm
  • Tao Bo
  • Cheng Lv
  • Jaime Carbonell