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Liaoyuan is a social network for the entrepreneurial community. We are dedicated to provide a social networking platform for entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals to efficiently acquire valuable resources and connect with each other. Liaoyuan and our community is here with you along side of your entrepreneurial journey. Our dreams will grow together, stronger than ever. The iOS App is available for download at the App Store.



ROBOTERRA, Inc. is an educational robot technology company that incorporates intelligent hardware, curriculum and our proprietary cloud platform to teach advanced topics of science, math, engineering and design concepts via robotics. ROBOTERRA’s mission is to inspire creativity and ingenuity via robotics education to everyone worldwide. Our design, product development and educational curriculum team consists of experienced and highly educated alumni from prestigious universities such as Stanford, Columbia, NYU, Carnegie Mellon, and many more. Also, our team’s diverse corporate experience ranges from working at innovative companies such as Tesla, Apple to McKinsey and Wall Street.


College Daily

The CollegeDailyCN is a media group with multiple platforms that presents news, information, and jobs for international college and university faculty and Student Affairs professionals, with current subscriber over 300,000. A subscription is required to read some articles. The CollegeDailyCN, based in Beijing, China, is a major news service for students who are planning to study aboard. It is published everyday online through Wechat, Website. Founded in 2013, CollegeDailyCN has grown to cover most of international students studying in North America. Everyday, over 500,000 reader get useful information from it's multiple platforms. It also has a team of student journalists and editors who provide useful articles and researches to the readers.


Amino Capital

Amino Capital (a.k.a. zPark Capital) is a venture firm based in Palo Alto, focusing on seed to growth-stage investments in big data, and data-driven technologies, including but not limited to IoT, medicine/genomics, AI/BI, drone/UAV, Fintech, security and infrastructure. The firm was founded in 2012 by a unique team of over 40 technology executives and innovators from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Tencent, Alibaba, U of Chicago, Stanford U, Tsinghua U and et al. Since inception, the firm has invested over 80 seed stage companies, following with additional investments in series A and B.


Raven Tech

As a startup founded in May 2014, Raven Tech wants to make life easier, more elegant and more efficient with the power of technology and design; insists in being intuitive, sensitive and obsessive. As one of the fifth batch of graduates from Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, and the only startup from Mainland China enrolled in the Y Combinator W15, Raven Tech was invested by ZhenFund, Matrix Partner, DCM and Y Combinator.


At Modelo we are building a platform for architects and designers who already work with complex 3D design software like Rhino or Revit. Founded by an architect and an industrial designer fed up with the tools available to them, our mission from the start has been to bring joy and efficiency to the collaboration, showcasing/presentation and project management functions of creative design teams. We take a lot of inspiration from Slack's approach to team communication and we're looking to make a big positive impact on the work lives of our users.


Easy Transfer

Easy Transfer operates an online service and maintains banking relationships between payment processors and banks in China to give Chinese students and their families a single channel for tuition payment processing. To quickly and easily transfer the tuition payments to the institutions in the United States, ETL has agreements with institutions and their banks. These banking links in China and the United States make it much easier and less expensive for Chinese families to pay for their sons and daughters to attend a college in the United States.


jEugene creates intelligent tools that work in partnership with lawyers. Their products offer unmatched accuracy, fit seamlessly into typical workflows, and operate at lightning speed with bank-level security



蚁视专注于虚拟现实、增强现实、全息现实、穿戴式设备领域。蚁视具有全球最领先的穿戴式显示及虚拟现实技术,自主研发的全球首款虚拟现实套装ANTVR KIT 2014年在全球知名众筹网站kickstarter众筹,超过26万美元,打破了中国项目在海外的众筹记录,全球几十个国家粉丝强烈支持,引发中国项目的众筹热潮。CNN、华尔街日报、连线、TechCrunch、mashable、新闻联播、新闻直播间、晚间新闻、北京新闻等等全球媒体纷纷疯狂报道。在2014蚁视产品发布会上,蚁视发布了3款虚拟现实产品和4款前沿概念产品,成为2014年最火爆的明星创业公司。曾获得数千万美元投资,估值在一年内翻了100倍。



才云科技(Caicloud)是一家云计算创业公司,核心团队成员来自美国谷歌(Google)、亚马逊(Amazon)、微软(Microsoft)的顶尖云计算技术团队。 Caicloud 作为中国最早期的容器技术云平台开拓者之一,启用新一带容器集群技术(Container Cluster),推出全新容器云计算平台和云平台运维管理系统以服务企业和开发者。Caicloud目前已获得天使轮投资数百万美金及近千万人民币政府支持。 Caicloud总部位于中国杭州,并在上海和美国匹兹堡设有分支机构。