Outlier Detection

TOD: GPU-accelerated Outlier Detection via Tensor Operations

The Need for Unsupervised Outlier Model Selection: A Review and Evaluation of Internal Evaluation Strategies

ADMoE: Anomaly Detection with Mixture-of-Experts from Noisy Labels

ADBench: Anomaly Detection Benchmark

BOND: Benchmarking Unsupervised Outlier Node Detection on Static Attributed Graphs

ELECT: Toward Unsupervised Outlier Model Selection


ADBench Anomaly Detection Benchmark

PyGOD (Python Graph Outlier Detection)

A Python Library for Graph Outlier Detection (Anomaly Detection) and Its Benchmark

ECOD: Unsupervised Outlier Detection Using Empirical Cumulative Distribution Functions

Contrastive Attributed Network Anomaly Detection with Data Augmentation