LSCP: Locally Selective Combination in Parallel Outlier Ensembles


In unsupervised outlier ensembles, the absence of ground truth makes the combination of base outlier detectors a challenging task. Specifically, existing parallel outlier ensembles lack a reliable way of selecting competent base detectors, affecting accuracy and stability, during model combination. In this paper, we propose a framework—called Locally Selective Combination in Parallel Outlier Ensembles (LSCP)– which addresses the issue by defining a local region around a test instance using the consensus of its nearest neighbors in randomly selected feature subspaces. The top-performing base detectors in this local region are selected and combined as the model's final output. Four variants of the LSCP framework are compared with seven widely used parallel frameworks. Experimental results demonstrate that one of these variants, LSCP_AOM, consistently outperforms baselines on the majority of twenty real-world datasets.

SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM)
Yue Zhao

Machine Learning Researcher.