🐎 I am moving this website to yzhao062.github.io, and will retire this one in a few months.

Next Steps. 🐎 I will join USC as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science in August 2023 (more details on intern/visitor, graduate student, and postdoc recruitment to follow.)

Contact me by Email (yzhao010 [AT] usc.edu) or WeChat @ yzhao062. Of course, please add my WeChat only for good reasons, e.g., collaboration, visiting, joining the group, etc.

Short Bio. I got my Ph.D. in 4 years at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). My research accelerates and automates unsupervised ML: (1) how to speed up large-scale learning tasks with ML systems and (2) how to automate unsupervised ML model selection and hyperparameter optimization. I build AI/ML applications in finance, healthcare, and security.

Open-source Contribution. I have led to more than 10 ML open-source initiatives, receiving 16,000 GitHub stars (top 0.002%: ranked 800 out of 40M GitHub users) and >15M downloads.

Social Media. I wrote more than 300 articles (in Chinese) with 220,000 followers on Zhihu (知乎) (200 million+ users). My articles have got more than 20,000,000 time read. See my Zhihu (微调).

Ph.D. time. At CMU, I worked with Prof. Leman Akoglu, Prof. Zhihao Jia, and Prof. George H. Chen. I was a member of CMU automated learning systems group (Catalyst). I collaborated with Prof. Jure Leskovec at Stanford and Prof. Philip S. Yu at UIC.


  • Unsupervised ML
  • ML Systems (MLSys)
  • Automated ML (AutoML)
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Outlier/out-of-distribution Detection
  • Graph Neural Networks
  • Healthcare AI
  • AI + Security


  • Ph.D., 2019-2023

    Carnegie Mellon University

  • M.S., 2015-2017

    University of Toronto

  • B.S., 2015

    University of Cincinnati

  • High School Diploma, 2010

    Shanxi Experimental Secondary School 山西省实验中学