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Selected Publications

(Selected from more than 150 publications and patents)


Recent Reviews and Book Chapters

Taylor, M.J., and Brockbank, K.G.M. (2003):  “Frontiers in biopreservation technology: Challenges for the storage of living tissues and engineered constructs.”  In: Klatz, R. and Goldman, R. (eds.), Anti-Aging Medical Therapeutics, Volume 5. Chicago: A4M Publications, 2003:515-526. Article (PDF 0.4MB)

Taylor, M.J., Song, Y.C. and Brockbank, K.G.M. (2004): “Vitrification in Tissue Preservation: New Developments”. In: Benson, E., Fuller, B., and Lane, N. (eds.), Life in the Frozen State. London: CRC Press LLC, Boca Raton, Pp 603-641. Article (PDF 0.9MB)

Taylor, M.J., (2006): “Biology of Cell Survival in the Cold: The Basis for Biopreservation of Tissues and Organs”. Ch 2. In: Baust, J.G., and Baust, J.M. (eds)., Advances in Biopreservation. Boca Raton. CRC – Taylor &Francis. Pp 15-62. Article (PDF 1.6MB)

Brockbank, K.G. and Taylor, M.J. (2006): “Tissue Preservation”. Ch 8. In: Baust, J.G., and Baust, J.M. (eds), Advances in Biopreservation. Boca Raton. CRC – Taylor &Francis. Pp 157-196. Article (PDF 2.5MB)

Taylor M.J. (2007): “Hypothermia”. In: Fink, G., (Editor-in-Chief) Encyclopedia of Stress, 2nd Edition, Volume 2, Pp 428-438. Oxford: Academic Press. Article (PDF 0.4MB)

Taylor, M.J. (2007): Hypothermic Blood Substitution: Special considerations for protection of cells during ex vivo and in vivo preservation. Transfusion Med and Hemother, 34:226-244. Article (PDF 0.2MB)

Taylor, M.J., & Baicu, S. (2009): Review of vitreous islet cryopreservation: Some practical issues and their resolution. Organogenesis, 5(3):155-166. Article (PDF 0.9MB)

Joint Publications with Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Rabin, Y., Steif, P.S., Taylor, M.J., Julian, T.B., Wolmark, N. (1996): An experimental study of the mechanical response of frozen biological tissues at cryogenic temperatures. Cryobiology, 33:472-482. Article (PDF 0.1MB)

Rabin, Y., Olson, P., Taylor, M.J., Steif, P.S., Julian, T.B., Wolmark, N. (1997): Gross damage accumulation in frozen rabbit liver due to mechanical stress at cryogenic temperatures. Cryobiology, 34:394-405. Article (PDF 1.9MB)

Rabin, Y., Taylor, M.J., Wolmark, N. (1998): Thermal expansion measurements of frozen biological tissues at cryogenic temperatures. ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 120(2):259-266. Article (PDF 1.6MB)

Rabin, Y., Julian, T.B., Olson, P., Taylor, M.J., Wolmark, N. (1998): Evaluation of post cryosurgery injury in a sheep breast model using the vital stain 2,3,5-triphenyltetrazolium chloride. CryoLetters, 19(4):255-262. Article (PDF 2.6MB)

Rabin, Y., Julian, T.B., Olson, P., Taylor, M.J., Wolmark, N. (1999): Long-term follow-up post-cryosurgery in a sheep breast model. Cryobiology, 39:29-46. Article (PDF 0.6MB)

Rabin, Y., Julian, T.B., Olson, P., Taylor, M.J., Wolmark, N. (1999): Cryosurgery for breast malignancies: apparatus and techniques. In: Advances in Heat and Mass Transfer in Biotechnology. ASME IMECE 1999, Nashville, Tennessee. HTD-Vol. 363, BED-Vol. 44, pp. 65-70 Article (PDF 1.6MB)

Rabin, Y., Taylor, M.J., Walsh, J.R., Baicu, S., Steif, P.S. (2005): Cryomacroscopy of vitrification, Part I: A prototype and experimental observations on the cocktails VS55 and DP6, Cell Preservation Technology, 3(3):169-183 Article (PDF 1.3MB)

Steif, P.S., Palastro, M., Wen, C.R., Baicu, S., Taylor, M.J., Rabin, Y. (2005): Cryomacroscopy of vitrification, Part II: Experimental observations and analysis of fracture formation in vitrified VS55 and DP6, Cell Preservation Technology, 3(3):184-200 Article (PDF 1.6MB)

Baicu, S., Taylor, M.J., Chen, Z., Rabin, Y. (2006): Vitrification of carotid artery segments: An integrated study of thermophysical events and functional recovery towards scale-up for clinical applications. Cell Preservation Technology, 4(4):236-244 Article (PDF 5.6MB)

Baicu, S., Taylor, M.J., Chen, Z., Rabin Y. (2008): Cryopreservation of carotid artery segments via vitrification subject to marginal thermal conditions: Correlation of freezing visualization with functional recovery. Cryobiology, 58:1-8 Article (PDF 0.7MB)

Tissue and Organ Preservation (Since 2000)

Song, Y.C., Khirabadi, B.S., Lightfoot, F.G., Brockbank, K.G.M., and Taylor, M.J. (2000):  Vitreous cryopreservation maintains the function of vascular grafts.  Nature Biotechnology, 18:296-299. Article (PDF 4.7MB)

Song, Y.C., Hagen, P.O., Lightfoot, F.G., Taylor, M.J., Smith, A.C., and Brockbank, K.G. (2000):  In vivo evaluation of the effects of a new ice-free cryopreservation process on autologous vascular grafts.  J Invest Surg, 13:5:279-288. Article (PDF 8.8MB)

Ikonomovic, M., Kelly, K.M., Hentosz, T.M., Shih, S.R., Armstrong, D.M., and Taylor, M.J. (2001):  Ultraprofound Cerebral Hypothermia and Blood Substitution with an Acellular Synthetic Solution Maintains Neuronal Viability in Rat Hippocampus.  CryoLetters, 22:19-26. Article (PDF 3.1MB)

Taylor, M.J., Campbell, L.H., Rutledge, R.N., and Brockbank, K.G.M. (2001):  Comparison of unisol with euro-collins solution as a vehicle solution for cryoprotectants.  Transplantation Proc., 33:1-2:677-679. Article (PDF 0.8MB)

Baicu, S. and Taylor, M.J. (2002): Acid-base buffering in organ preservation solutions as a function of temperature: New parameters for comparing buffer capacity and efficiency. Cryobiology, 45:33-48. Article (PDF 5.0MB)

Song,Y.C., Lightfoot, F.G., Chen, Z., Taylor, M.J., and Brockbank, K.G.M. (2003): Vitreous Preservation of Rabbit Articular Cartilage. Cell Preservation Technology, 2(1):67-74. Article (PDF 2.5MB)

Baicu S.C., Simmons, B.A., Campbell, L.H., Taylor, M.J., and Brockbank, K.G.M. (2004): Interstitial fluid analysis for assessment of organ function. Clinical Transplantation 18(suppl.12):16-21. Article (PDF .1MB)

Taylor, M.J., Rhee, P., Chen, Z., and Alam, H.B. (2005): Design of preservation solutions for universal tissue preservation in vivo: demonstration of efficacy in pre-clinical models of profound hypothermic cardiac arrest. Transpl. Proc., 37:303-307. Article (PDF 1.8MB)

Baicu S.C., Taylor M.J., Brockbank K.G.M. (2006): The role of preservation solution on acid-base regulation during machine perfusion of kidneys. Clin. Transplant., 20:113-121. Article (PDF 0.2MB)

Baicu, S., Taylor, M.J., Brockbank, K.G.M. (2007): Modulating biochemical perturbations during 72-hour machine perfusion of kidneys: role of preservation solution. Cryobiology, 54:114-120. Article (PDF 0.2MB)

Taylor, M.J., Baicu, S., Leman, B., Greene, E., Vazquez, A., Brassil, J. (2008): 24-hour hypothermic machine perfusion preservation of porcine pancreas facilitates processing for islet isolation. Transplant Proc., 40:480-482. Article (PDF 0.1MB)

Weegman, B.P., Taylor, M.J., Baicu, S.C., Scott III, W.E., Mueller, K.R., Kitzman, J.D., Rizzari, M.D., Papas, K.K. Hypothermic Perfusion Preservation of Pancreas for islet grafts: validation using a split Lobe Porcine Model. Cell Medicine: part B Cell Transplantation. In press. Article (PDF 0.4MB)

Taylor, M.J., Baicu, S.C., Greene, E., Vazquez, A., Brassil, J. (2010). Islet Isolation From Juvenile Porcine Pancreas After 24-Hour Hypothermic Machine Perfusion Preservation. Cell Transplantation, 19:613-628. Article (PDF 4.5MB)

Taylor, M.J., Baicu, S.C. (2010). Current State of Hypothermic Machine Perfusion Preservation of Organs:The Clinical Perspective. Cryobiology, 60(3S):S20-S35. Article (PDF 0.6MB)

Taylor, M.J., Baicu, S.C. (2011). Hypothermic Perfusion of Pancreas: Emphasis on Preservation prior to Islet Isolation. In: Uygun K, Lee CY, editors. Organ Preservation and Reengineering. Boston: Artech House Publisher, 85-104. Article (PDF 0.3MB)

Taylor, M.J., Baicu, S.C. (2011). Cryo-isolation: A Novel new Method for Enzyme-Free Isolation of Pancreatic Islets Involving In Situ Cryopreservation of Islets and Selective Destruction of Acinar Tissue. Tranplant Proc, 43(9):3181-3183. Article (PDF 0.2MB)

 Suszynski, T.M., Rizzari, M.D., Scott III, W.E., Tempelman, L.A., Taylor, M.J., Papas, K.K. (2012): Persufflation (or Gaseous Oxygen Perfusion) as a Method of Organ Preservation. Cryobiology. In press. Article (PDF 1.3MB)

Taylor, M.J., Baicu, S.C. (2013). Non‐Enzymatic Cryogenic Isolation of Therapeutic Cells: Novel Approach for Enzyme‐Free Isolation of Pancreatic Islets Using In Situ Cryopreservation of Islets and Concurrent Selective Freeze Destruction of Acinar Tissue. Cell Transplantation. Article (PDF 0.8MB)

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