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  • Ph.D. Candidate,  Operations Management, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University, 2009-2015 expected
  • M.Phil., Industrial Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2006-2008
  • B.Eng., Control Science & Engineering, Zhejiang University, 2002-2006
Research Interests
  • Methodologies: queueing theory, game theory and mechanism design
  • Applications: service operations management, socially responsible operations, energy management
Research Papers
Service operations management
  • The benefit of introducing variability in single-server queues with application to quality based service domains, with A. Scheller-Wolf and K. Sycara. Accepted in Operations Research [link]
  • Service outsourcing with strategic collaboration of competing servers, with  A. Scheller-Wolf. In progress
Socially responsible operations
  • Combating child labor: incentives and information transparency in supply chains, with S.H. Cho and S. Tayur. Working Paper [link]
Energy management
  • Demand side energy management via multi-agent coordination in consumer cooperatives, with A. Veit, R. Zheng, N. Chakraboty and K. Sycara. Accepted in Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research [link]
Referred Conference Proceedings
  • Multi-agent coordination for energy consumption scheduling in consumer cooperatives, with A. Veit, R. Zheng, N. Chakraborty and K. Sycara, 2013. 27th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence
  • A mechanism design model in multi-robot service queues  with strategic operators and asymmetric information, with T. Dai, K. Sycara and M. Lewis, 2012. Proceedings of the 51th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
  • Service level differentiation in multi-robot control, with T. Dai, K. Sycara and M. Lewis, 2010. Proceedings of 2010 IEEE Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems
  • A new constrained shape deformation operator with applications in footwear design, with A. Joneja, 2008. ASME IDETC/CIE Conference
Other Papers
  • Surface deformation under area constraints, with A. Joneja, 2009. Computer-Aided Deisign and Applications.