About TScanner

TScanner is an open-source utility that scans one’s personal computer for Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Out of the box, the software will search for Social Security Numbers (SSN) and Credit/Debit card numbers.

TScanner scans your computer, produces a list of files which appear to contain SSN and Credit Card Number information, and provides context of the information for you to determine whether it is correct or not. The software can be configured through its user interface to search for other types of data as long as the matching criteria can be expressed using a regular expression. Once the scanning is done, TScanner displays the candidate matches and allows the user to mark each element as a being an actual match or not.

Finally, TScanner produces an aggregate report which includes a complete set of statistics about the scan such as, how many matches were found, how many matches were validated by the user, etc...

In order to protect the privacy and security of your personal information, TScanner will never save, record or transmit any of the information it scans. Additionally, it will not make any changes to the files or programs on your computer.

Download TScanner

If you have installed JAVA :
Download TScanner here

If there is no JAVA on your computer:
Download TScanner here

Install TScanner

More details can be found in the User Guide Download User Guide

Email Report Results

Email the report generated by TScanner to: lieyongz@andrew.cmu.edu


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TScanner is being developed by graduate students in the MSIT in Privacy Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. This project has been approved by Carnegie Mellon University Institutional Review Board (IRB). The project was initiated and sponsored by Identity Guard® (Intersections Inc.), a proactive identity theft protection service that delivers premium solutions to help busy families and individuals take control over their personal and private information. Identity Guard is provided by Intersections Inc. (NASDAQ: INTX), which, since 1996, has protected more than 47 million consumers. To learn more, visit www.identityguard.com.

Contact Information

If there is any question about software or survey, contact us by :

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Lieyong Zou: lieyongz@andrew.cmu.edu
Xi Zheng: xzheng2@andrew.cmu.edu

Open Source Information

TScanner is an open-source PII-scanning program developed by Carnegie Mellon University, and released under the Revised BSD License License v2.

Project Repository: Github Link