Word Cloud of my Project Experience

Decision Support System(DSS) for Roche Pharmaceuticals (Current)
Our team of 6, "BiDoSH" is now trying to utilize the existed Open Advanced Question Answering (OAQA) pipelines to build up a DSS system for Roche Pharmaceuticals. The system will provide professional suggestions and solutions for bio-medical questions and cases, with the evidences retrieved from both text and knowledge levels of databases. In the near future, we will extend the system to other domains such as finance and education and then commercialize this product with our goal and effort of entrepreneurship.
- Supervised by Prof.Eric Nyberg and Mr.Zi Yang
- Teamwork with Cambi Guo, Trisha Black, Soumya Batra, Parag Agrawal and Claire Wang
- Result: [Dec 2013 Milestone Report]

Bio-­Medical Question Answering System with PubMed Text Corpus (2013)
In this project, we were interested in targeting a basic word among all PubMed articles, which is the answer to a factoid question in bio-medical domain. Then we built up a web application, which is basically a Question Answering(QA) system. The baseline of the system is running well and being improved on answer accuracy and answer evidence reliability.
- Supervised by Dr.Ravi Starzl
- Teamwork with Parag Agrawal, Qiwen Zhu, Yi Song and Jiacong He
- Result: [GitHub Repo]

Crystal Manufacture Management System of Chuangjia Cooperation (2013)
I was on of a group of 10 students and professors who designed and implemented our own programming framework, which proved to perform better than Struts2 and Spring. Our framework was featured with the convenient management of development process and the self-maintenance. Then we developed a ERP system for a crystal manufacture.
- Supervised by Prof.Shengchun Deng
- Teamwork with Qi Meng, Qiang Xu
- Result: [Full Development Report]

"CoolWeb": The Optimization of the J2EE Framework “Panther” (2013)
This project was actually based on the previous development of the Crystal Manufacturing System. We successfully improved the system effciency with Ajax technology by refactoring the front end program. In addition, a series of JQuery plugins were designed and implemented to support a web application with just a few html code written necessary.
- Supervised by Prof.Shengchun Deng
- Teamwork with Qi Meng, Qiang Xu
- Result: [GitHub Repo]

"DareMe": The iPhone Application (2012)
The application allows communication between users through responding to each other’s “dare” requests with photo or video proof.
- Due to the non-disclosure agrement between me and the company that I worked for, only part of the design can be released.
- Result: [Mock Up]