• February 1st, 2016
As a graduate student in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, I have a voracious appetite for coding and extremely enjoy indulging myself in the cutting edge technologies. But what is my dream job like? What is the kind of position that I would like to take my first step on? After my 2 Internship experience and 6 years’ study in computer science, I know I want a meaningful job that presents me with challenges at a company that will appreciate my efforts.

When looking for dream company, I think no matter what company I will work for, I can always find their valuable characteristics. At Carnegie Mellon, there are lots of recruiting events throughout the year. Well known companies, like Facebook, Apple …, and competitive startups, such as Airbnb, Uber, …, host varied informal, chat-with-the-engineer type of events on campus. I am always fasciated by their cutting-edge products and creative thoughts. Thus, I think every company has its existing value.

When I was a junior at college, I got my first internship working on Android software development using Java at TCL company. Before this, I had no experience or course study in Java. But finally, my devoted work on recording income and expense functions on the financial management app has been adopted into the new TCL cellphone.

For my recent internship experience as data analyst at IBM Research Africa, I thought my intern work would be about the natural language process and then spent time working to prepare for this kind of project. But finally I was told my project was about traffic data. I was kind of disappointed at first, but really loved my project very soon after I found this project was really beneficial to the public and very interesting, because the traffic issue is one of the most serious problems in Kenya and very special compared with other countries in the world. Thus, I really enjoyed doing my work. We collaborated to design a machine learning algorithm to detect the moving traffic obstacles (ie. pushcarts, cattle and pedestrians) using smartphone sensor data, went to trash center to collect the data we needed, made presentations of our work to the government, and finally, published a paper at TRISTAN conference, submitted another paper in which I am the first author and currently we are applying for a patent for our approaches.

Additionally, last November, I bought my first iPhone. I have been indulging in its perfect user experience and explored iOS system a lot. When I found it released a new language Swift recently, I couldn’t help myself learning such interesting technology. I made my first iOS app, which is a photo filter that can select, filter, compare, and share photos.

It is me, having a love of learning and an even stronger love of exploring. So when it came time to nail down a career path, I simply married my three loves, Learning, Curiosity, and Enthusiasm. When applying for jobs, I always focus on the companies’ products, whether they are for the public good and then ask myself whether the work is interesting that I have the confidence to insist on it.

“The more you learn, the more things may change. That’s OK; just keep adapting.” said by Karl Sakas. I hope my fingers will code my career like my favorite pianist, Yujia Wang’s, dance on the piano. I hope my endeavor and passion for the work will be appreciated.