deep thought
Deep Thought A web-based graphical platform for deep learning.
Visual Infography
Photo Filter iOS App using Swift An iOS app that can select, filter, compare, and share photos.
MTO Detection
Moving Traffic Obstacles Detection with Smartphone A modified machine learning algorithm with smartphone sensor data.
Personal Website
Personal Website with Bootstrap My personal website with Bootstrap.
CMUYak with PostgreSQL An app to play with posts and view user statistics with PostgreSQL.
Next Word Prediction
Next Word Prediction A shiny app that is able to predict the next word of a sentence.
Web Classification
Web Classification with 5 ML Algorithms A manually-coding implementation of NB, LR, DTree and SVM.
Screen Based Simulator.
Computer-Simulated Medical Emergency Simulator Unity3D simulation for surgical student training.
Visual Infography
Carnegie Mellon Course Website Graduate Course website using CMU AFS.
ShakeLED Based on MCU 80C52 A circuit board with LEDs that can form designed pattern by shaking.
Ship Model Design
Ship Model Design Based on MCU 80C52 A hand-designed ship model that can operate on the water.