Jay F Whitacre
Trustee Professor in Energy
Director, Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation
Professor, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering,
Professor, Dept. of Engineering & Public Policy,
5127 Scott Hall
Carnegie Mellon University,

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, University of Michigan, 1999
M.S. Materials Science and Engineering, University of Michigan, 1997
B.A. Physics, Oberlin College, 1994

Current Ph.D. Graduate Students

Han Wang (MSE)
Expected Graduation: Summer 2020
Research:  Recycling Li-ion battery materials

Sven Burke (MSE)
Expected Graduation: Summer 2022
Research:  Optimized electroyte/cathode materials using ML for Li-ion batteries

Tong Liu (Chem)
Expected Graduation: 2022
Research: Polymers for Li-ion batteries

Katrina Ramirez-Meyers (EPP/MSE)
Expected Graduation: 2023
Research: batteries in developing countries - supply chain and materials considerations

Nyla Khan (EPP)
Expected graduation: 2022
Reearch: global battery supply chain: impact and costs

Current Undergrad/Masters/Lab Researchers

Jared Mitchell (Scott Institute): Design and implementation of automated data collection for ML informed experiments

Changrui (Fiona) Fan (MSE): Assessment of performance of used Li-ion batteries for second life use

Aparna Jaggi (MSE/ESTP): Process Based Cost Modeling of battery recycling systems

Jennifer Miller (MSE): assessing next generation battery electrolytes

Maxwell Rae Chu (ChemE): testing the stability of low cost metals in alkali electrolyte environments

XinSheng Wu (MSE): Novel Materials and Synthetic routes for next generation batteries

Franchesca Lorandi (Chem): Postdoctoral Scholar Investigating ionically functional polymers

Micheal Whiston (EPP): Postdoctoral Scholar Investigating the future of fuel cells and the landscape of U.S. Energy Institutes

 Student/Postdoctoral Alumni

Sipei Li (Chem): Ph.D. 2019
Topic Studied: Novel Polymers for lithium ion batteries
Current position: MIT Postdoctoral Scholar

Guannan HE (EPP):
Ph.D. 2019
Topic Studied: Economics of stationary energy storage and hydrogen use
Current Position:  MIT Postdoctoral Scholar

Sneha Shanbhag (CEE):
Ph.D. 2019
Topic studied: The use of insertion compounds for electrochemical water treatment
Current Position: Researcher, Toronto CA

Sarah Frisco (MSE):
Ph.D., 2019
Topic studied: Li metal as anode material in Li-ion batteries
Current Position: Staff Scientist, NREL

Griffin Harbach (ESTP)
Research Topic: Materials for innovation in Fuel Cell Technologies

Ann Rutt (MSE):
Research Topic: Potentiostatic testing of functional energy storage materials.
Current position: Ph.D. Student, MSE, Berkeley

Grace Yee (MSE)
Research Topic: Materials for aqueous batteries
Current position: Natron Battery Company

Rebecca Ciez (EPP): Ph.D., 2018
Topic studied: Energy storage system and materials techo-economics
Current Position: Princeton University Postdoc Scholar

Alex Mohamed (MSE): Ph.D., 2016
Topic studied: Stability and performance of NaTi2(PO4)3 in aqueous electrolytes
Current Position: Staff Scientist at Ionic Materials, Boston MA

Wei Wu
(MSE): Ph.D., Fall 2014,
Topic studied: Intercalation materials for sodium-based aqueous electrolyte energy storage devices.
Current Position: Lead Scientist, Aquion Energy Pittsburgh

Apurba Sakti (EPP): Ph.D., Fall 2013,
Topic Studied: System level implications of energy storage technologies for electrified transportation.
Current Position: Staff Scientist, MITEI

Sanjeev Sharma:
MSE Postdoctoral Scholar (2008-2010)
Topics studied:Carbons and nano structured metal oxides for energy storage.
Current Position: Envia Systems, Bay Area, CA

Yao Zhang: Visiting Scholar, 2007-2009
Topics studied:Thin Film solid state battery structures.
Current Position: ATL battery company, China

Amul Tevar: Ph.D. Graduate, 2011
Topics studied:Manganese oxide based intercalation compounds for aqueous sodium based batteries.
Current Position: Staff Reseacher,

Scott Peterson: Ph.D. Graduate, 2011
Topics studied:Techno-economic analyses of electrified transportation.
Current Position: Teacher, Shadyside Academy, Pittsburgh, PA

Ayesha Hashambhoy: Ph.D. Graduate, 2011
Topics studied:Physical and electrochemical characterization of Li - metal phosphates.
Current Position: Group lead,  General Electric Center of additive manufacturing, Pittsrbugh, PA

Sangeun Chun: Ph.D. Graduate, 2011
Topics studied:Carbons derived from carbohydrates: structure and function.
Current Position: Professor, Seoul KR

Eric Hittinger: Ph.D. Graduate, 2012
Topics studied:Techno-economic analyses of grid-scale energy storage technologies.
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY

Jonathan Schwieger (MSE) “Synthesis of Phospho-Olivine – based electrode Materials”, Fall 2007  Spring 2008.

Alicia Marrie (ChemE) “Electrochemical Evaluation of Ultrafast Laser Modified Nafion Surfaces” – Spring 2008 – Summer 2008.

Ankur Gupta & Britnay Selman (MSE) “ Analysis of LiFePO4 based batteries for high temperature application in the CMU Lunar Rover project”, Spring 2008.

Bryan Tomko (MSE)“ Utilization of a solid polymer electrolyte in a photoelectrochemical cell,” Summer 2008 (Visiting Summer REU student, and new incoming first year grad student).

Terry Shyu (MSE), “ Examination of the effects of Al  doping in the spinel Lithium Maganate System”, Fall 2008 – Spring 2009 (honors project).

Andrew Polonsky, “Hydrothermal Synthesis of titania/barium titanate composite nano powders”, “Optomizing Na functionality in doped λ-MnO2 Spring/summer 2009.

Ankur Gupta, “In-situ electrode re-juvination for Li-ion cells, a proof of concept experiment”, Summer 2009, AY ‘09/’10 honors project.

Daniel Beccera (MSE), “Behaviour of Na0.44MnO2 in aqueous electrolyte with different cation species”, Spring/summer 2010.

Madeline Kelly (MSE/EPP), “Statistical assessment of large format battery testing data” (at Aquion Energy), Summer 2011.

Jonathan Matusky (MSE/EPP/Tepper), “ Systems-level assessment of scaled energy storage installations, economincs and market” (At Aquion Energy), Summer 2011.

Catherine Groschner (MSE)
Graduation: Spring 2015
Research Topic: (Honors Project) Synthesis and testing of novel electrode materials for aqueous electrolyte energy storage devices

Brooke Kuei (Physics)
Graduation: Spring 2015
Research Topic: Potentiostatic testing of functional energy storage materials.