Courses at CMU

Fall 2010

EPP 19-701 Theory & Practice of Policy Analysis

EPP 19-611 Global Competitiveness: Firms, Nations and

                        Technological Change

STA 36-721 Statistical Graphical Visualization

HNZ  90-908 PhD Microeconomics

Fall 2011

EPP 19-750 Workshop in Applied Policy Analysis

                        (Qualifier Preparation)

Fall 2012

EPP 19-752 Project Management (Project Manager)

HNZ 90-866 Large Scale Data Analysis for Public Policy

Spring 2011

ISR 08-801    Dynamic Network Analysis

PIT 790          Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering

EPP 19-702   Quantitative Methods of Policy Analysis

Spring 2012

ISR 08-810    Computational Modeling of Complex Socio-

                            Technical Systems

ML  10-701    Machine Learning

Spring 2013

HNZ 47-889    Research Seminar in Social Network


CSD 15-896    Algorithms, Games, and Networks

SCO  98-209   WMDs, War, and a Warming World:

                            Models in International Security