Weili Xu

About ME

Weili Xu is a third year PhD candidate at Carnegie Mellon University, School of Architecture, Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics

Weili's research focuses on building energy simulation, building information modeling, building cot estimation and life cycle cost analysis.

Weili is also interested in software design, life cycle assessment, building automation, LEED certification, HVAC design, design optimizations and data mining etc.



Weili has involved in both public and private projects during my PhD years.


Weili has a BEng in Architectureal Environment Engineering from the University of Nottingham, UK and M.S in Technical Entrepreneurshp and Manangement from the University of Rochester. Weili is current pursuing his PhD degree in Carnegie Mellon University


Weili's research is focusing on developing a design support computation platform that integrates BIM-BEM and cost estimation and assist stakeholders' design decision making process


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