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September 2015

Leann Law Joins the Group

Undergraduate Senior Materials Science Student, Leann Law, has joined our research group for the Fall of 2015. She will be working on developing combinatorial thin film deposition techniques for rapid materials exploration in nanomagnetics.

May 2015

Price Presents at Intermag 2015

Price recently traveled to Beijing, China to attend the 2015 International Magnetics Conference. He presented his research on the crystallization kinetics of FeCoB alloys as well as soft nano composite materials for high frequency thin films.

February 2015

Tosoh SMD Joins the DSSC

The Sokalski Group is thrilled to welcome Tosoh SMD as a Sponsoring Affiliate Member of the DSSC. This new collaboration will involve the exploration of new materials for future MRAM technology and related magnetic devices. Tosoh SMD is a manufacturer of advanced, high purity materials for thin film deposition based in Grove City, OH.

December 2014

Pranav Graduating

Pranav completed all of the necessary requirements this past Fall to obtain his Master of Science in Materials Science & Engineering! Congratulations!

December 2014

Congratulations Ph.D Candidates

Price and Ankita both passed their research performance evaluation moving them one step closer to defending their Ph.D theses. Nice work!

November 2014

Non-Volatile Memory Technology Symposium

Professor Sokalski gave an invited talk at the non-volatile memory technology symposium at Jeju Island, Korea entitled "Spin Driven Devices for Future Electronics." The conference highlighted recent advances in emerging memory technology including magnetoresistive RAM, phase change RAM, and resistive RAM. Stay tuned for NVMTS 2016 at CMU!

October 2014

Welcome New Group Members!

Derek Lao and Zhenkai "Kevin" Shao have joined the group as of Fall 2014. Welcome!

June 2014

Spintronics Symposium at MS&T 2014

Some of the most talented experts in the field of spintronics will come together for a special symposium this Fall (October 13-14) as part of the annual MS&T being held at the David Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh. Ten leading researchers including 2014 Millenium Technology Prize winner, Stuart Parkin, from IBM will present topics on various aspects of spintronics including magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) and novel spin-orbitonics devices. See full schedule and additional details here.

February 2014

New Undergraduate Researchers

Sophomore undergraduates Eli Zoghlin and Matthew Jubinsky have joined our research group to study composite magnetic nanostructures for high frequency applications and novel hard disk media microstructures.

December 2013

Samsung Global MRAM Grant Awarded in New Collaboration

Professor Sokalski along with ECE Professor Jimmy Zhu has been granted one of six awards in the United States as part of the Samsung Global MRAM Innovation project. This grant will enable a new CMU-Samsung collaboration to explore novel materials and device designs for non-volatile computer memory.

November 2013

New Berkman Grant Awarded

Professor Sokalski has been awarded a grant from the Berkman Faculty Development Fund to study imaging of magnetic domain walls to better understand how electric current can be used to manipulate magnetic structures. This fund, established by a gift in memory of Sybiel Altman Berkman, exists to enable new innovative research projects across CMU particularly for junior faculty in the early stages of establishing external funding sources.

October 2013

Group Welcomes Three Inaugural Members

Ankita Mangal joins our team as part of the Data Storage Systems Center to study novel media microstructures to improve hard disk drive storage capacity. Price Pellegren will explore magnetic tunnel junctions for future non-volatile MRAM technology. Pranav Ambhore will study composite magnetic nanostructures for high frequency power distribution with applications in future, energy efficient on-chip inductor components.

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