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Escort Services

Hours of Operation:
Daily 6:30pm - 6:30am [last pick up 6:30am]

Designated Escort Pick-up Locations

  1. Morewood Gardens (E-tower parking lot)
  2. Hamburg Hall
  3. University Center (Forbes Avenue in front of building)
  4. Margaret Morrison Plaza (MM Storefronts)
  5. GSIA/Tepper School of Business (at the corner of Tech & Frew streets)
  6. Porter Hall (lower Frew Street exit)
  7. Mellon Institute/SEI (S. Dithridge at Winthrop St.)
  8. 4616 Henry Street (INI)
  9. 300 South Craig St.

*Escort vehicles will have a sign in the front window indicating the area they service (e.g. Squirrel Hill, Oakland, Shadyside).