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Harmful If Swallowed, CMU’s B team, was founded during the 2005-2006 season by Jeremy Kanter, Aaron Magil, Jeff Meek, Hank Nguyen, Evan Gross, Mark Ma, Andy Stochetti, Matt Woodling, Dave Hora, and Danny Schoenfelder. From its humble ten-man beginnings, the team has exploded in popularity to a full squad with its own coach. By the end of 2009 the team had posted several victories against college A teams.

After a short hiatus, Harmful If Swallowed returned to full form during the 2017-2018 season largely due to the efforts of freshman captain Eric Ricci. Recently rebranded as just “Harmful”, the team has become a cohesive squad of both returning and developing players.

2019 Roster

Past rosters

2019 Roster

# Name Height Year Major Hometown
2 Benjamin Fishbaum* 6'1" Senior Computer Science Chicago, IL
2 JJ Cheng* 5'8" Freshman Electrical Computer Engineering Hong Kong
7 Sean Prendi 6'0" Freshman Statistics and Machine Learning Dobbs Ferry, NY
7 Brendon Gu 6'0" Freshman Math/Stats East Hanover, NJ
8 Juan Cortes 5'9" Sophomore ECE/BME Bogota, Colombia
10 David Peebles 5'9" Freshman Musical Performance Asheville, NC
11 Daniel Farid 5'10" Sophomore Mechanical Engineering Palo Alto, CA
12 Max Sprigg-Dudley 5'9" Freshman Chemistry Cincinnati, OH
13 Amos Resheff 5'8" Sophomore Mechanical Engineering Brooklyn, NY
17 Jonathan Monroe* 6'1" Sophomore Information Systems/Philosophy Pittsburgh, PA
18 Adam Assaad 6'0" Sophomore Mechanical/Biomedical Engineering Pittsburgh, PA
20 Richard Zhou 5'8" Freshman Statistics Fremont, CA
21 David Chao* 5'9" Sophomore Computer Science Vienna, VA
28 Brandon Rishi 6'2" Freshman Electrical and Computer Engineering Manalapan, NJ
88 Leon Lai 5'9" Freshman BME/MSE New York, NY
-- Julian Rojas Valvo 5'8" Freshman Computer Science Concord, MA
* Leadership Core