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Photo by Kevin Wolf

Mr. Yuk

Carnegie Mellon Men's Ultimate

Photo by Jessie Sun

Mr. Yuk is the name of a poison control sticker created by UPMC in the 70’s and also the name of the Carnegie Mellon men's ultimate frisbee team, which placed 25th in the nation in 2018. We’re looking for hard-working and dedicated athletes to join our ranks, regardless of whether you’ve played ultimate frisbee before.

Harmful, our B team, doesn’t travel as far, but provides a more relaxed environment and opportunity to learn the game. Both teams are a tight-knit, competitive, and light-hearted bunch and if one thing’s for certain, we have a good time, on and off the field.

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Joining Mr. Yuk was the best decision I made in college. I made lifelong friends and developed a passion for a sport and its fruitful culture, all after joining my Junior year.

-Joey Pickens '18

Photo by Dana Tom