Our Mission

Our mission is to unite students interested in investment with outstanding educational and practical experience needed for a successful career. The Undergraduate Investment Club of Carnegie Mellon University will help develop students’ interests in investment by providing extensive opportunities through events and workshops.


Interested in Joining?

Joining is an informal process; there's no time commitments involved and it's fairly stress-free. You can decide upon your own level of involvement based on what you feel comfortable with. You actually don't have to be a member to enjoy the activities and events UIC manages and produces, but if you're on the electronic email list you'll be able to stay on top of the events UIC has planned a lot easier (reminders of speakers or other events coming up, opportunities for involvement, résumé drops, and so on). Don't worry, we won't spam you, and you always have the option of unsubscribing yourself from the list by heading over to CMU's new MailMan software. You may subscribe to UIC's email list on the sidebar on the left. Let us know if you have any questions; we'd be happy to help you out.