Born: March 17, 1994

Permanent residence: Wellesly, MA

Current residence: Pittsburgh, PA

Personal Interests: Kiteboarding, Skiing, Photography, DIY Projects, Music

Professional Interests: Product Development, Audio Engineering, Mechanical Design


2008 - 2012

High School Diploma
Beaver Country Day School
Chestnut Hill, MA
Grad. 2012

2012 - Present

Studied Mechanical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
Grad. May 2016 (expected)


June - July 2014

Weston Nano
Weston, MA

Researched the diesel market for feasibility of a new nanoparticle fuel additive, and developed a new company logo.

June - August 2013

Wellesley, MA

Produced customized renderings of products for customers using Photoview 360 in Solidworks

June - August 2011

Parametric Technology Corporation
Needham, MA

Tested PTC's Creo software demos in anticipation of a worlwide launch and debugged errors in the tutorials


Spring 2015

Engineering Design I: Methods and Skills

Concept design, detail design, analysis, and manufacturing

Manufacturing Sciences

An introductory review of manufacturing systems organization and a review of common manufacturing processes from the point of view of design for manufacturability

Dynamic Systems and Controls

The second course in dynamics, modeling physical systems that include mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal, electrical, and electromechanical elements

Fall 2014

Numerical Methods

Use of numerical methods such as roots of equations, linear algebraic equations, optimization, curve fitting, integration, and differential equation solving for solving engineering problems with the aid of Matlab

Heat Transfer

Introduction to basic concepts of engineering heat transfer


Modeling and analysis of dynamic systems using kinematics, relative motion analysis with multiple reference frames, planar kinetics, the work-energy method, and the impulse-momentum method

Engineering Statistics and Quality Control

Introductory statistics for engineers with emphasis on modern product improvement techniques


Business For Engineers - Spring 2014

Specific financial analysis topics and certain business administration topics such as program management, entrepreneurship and ethics

Stress Analysis - Spring 2014

Stress concentrations are quantified analytically, numerically, and with the use of engineering handbooks as well as finite element analysis

Machine Shop Practice - Fall 2013

Operation and safety of machine tools, such as the lathe, mill, and CNC mill

Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering - Fall 2012

An exposition of mechanical engineering disciplines, including structural analysis, mechanism design, fluid flows, and thermal systems



Solidworks Renders


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