Chin Chin: Brooklyn in the Underground Artist Profile

Jeff Kehl

After a long day of classes, homework, and exams, this writer headed down to the Underground to relax. Little did I know I’d be hit with arguably one of the funkiest, stand-alone bands of the day, Chin Chin.

Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Chin Chin originally wasn’t even a band. Back in 2001, Chin Chin was made up two brothers, Torbitt and Wilder Schwartz, along with friend Jeremy Wilms. The group was formed to make-up the background music for the MCs at a monthly party in Brooklyn.

Now, eight years and three albums later, Chin Chin claims the spotlight as a Funk group, once described by Def Jux’s MC, EI-P, as “the world’s greatest wedding band on acid.” The group added on a few more members extending their repertoire to enable them to elaborate their performances, but the original trio makes the most of the public appearances.

Looking on from back in the Underground, my eyes caught lead vocalist Wilder taking the stage donning a neon-pink suit. First impressions are everything… right? Moments after taking the room by surprise with their appearance, Chin Chin let loose a series of psychedelic Funk beats mixed with undertones of Disco and big brass band with the lyrical taste of a modern R&B group.

As it turns out, this shock and awe technique is exactly how Chin Chin has made their name world renowned. With their oddball appearance and unquestionably unique sound, Chin Chin is not a band that is easily forgotten. In fact, not only are they a hit here in the U.S., but after their first tour of Europe, they’re well known in France and England as well. Never one to make the same sound twice, Chin Chin has been named a band to watch out for by FADER magazine.

Chin Chin has made countless appearances across the East coast, including a recent benefit concert where they shared the stage with a variety of artists, most notably, hard rock breakaway Andrew W. K. Currently, the band is also arranging another whirlwind tour through Europe in the near future.

To be honest, there’s not enough room in this single article to give Chin Chin all the artistic credit they deserve. And, from Time Out New York’s description of the group as “closer than your boss and a raise,” I wouldn’t expect to see the band going anywhere but up in the near future.

Don’t just take my word for it, you can see for yourself on Chin Chin's official website, Now, go check ‘em out so you can start buggin’ out.