Here are Some of the robots which I have worked on

Husky A200

A picture of a 4 wheeled robot, the husky a200 looking at 2 QR tags

Coorpriative Assembly


iRobot Create turtulebot

I lead a team of 8 students who designed and built 2 turtle bot clones for about $300 + price of embeded computer. The turtle bots were intially created to be used in a week long hackathon (see Botler). After the hackathon I continued to use the irobot create's as a general purpose development platform for algorithm design and testing.


I lead a team of 8 students to design,program, and build an autonomus butler robot in the coarse of a week for a hackathon held at CMU called Build 18

Autodesk Recap Deminstartion robot


Robo-Buggy is an effort by the CMU Robotics Club to build a robot which can compete in the CMU sport Buggy. Buggy is a sport where carts our built by students to hold a driver (in our case we are removing the driver and replacing them with a robot). The cart is push up and down a road which encricles a park next to CMU.

For Robo-Buggy I am focusing on providing locilization services for the buggy so that it can know where it is on the coarse and can do the appropriate path planing, and control. This problem is interesting since the vecial transpertaintion is not powered, so path planning must take into account the conservation of energey, this means that many traditional path planning and control algorithms will not work as we do not have a powered plant to drive us towards a regulated value. This means that locilizatio is exremly importent since the desired motion will very large amounts based on the current location of the robot. More over if locilization and pathplanning are not accurate enougth then the system may not achieve its goal due to their being to much energy loss.

For this project we are using ROS (Robot operating System)

More information about Robotics Buggy can be found here

First Roboitcs

As a student




As a mentor



In Class

kuka Youbot

Rube Golberge Machine

my only non electrical robot

Lego NXT

USAR (urban search and rescue)

Trajectory Following

Wheel Free

Stair Climbing with legos

TA for Locilization Lab

I designed and TA'd a lab for the introduction to robotics class at Carnagie Mellon University (16-311).

In the lab students would have lego robots that they designed placed at a random location and orientation (pose), the robots were equiped with motors that had wheel encoders and a camrea. Their goal was to sense the enviorment while moving around inside a box to find their current location, then plan a path to a desired location. Their grade was based on how close they came to the desired end spot.

For this lab I designed starter code which allowed the segmentation and extraction of landmarks(colored tenisballs) from the robots camrea in Matlab. The starter code allowed for a comunication connection to the nxt running robotc. The connection used bluetooth for wirless control