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Comfort Technology:

Comfortable Seats and grips, great front and back suspension, riding seat is great really long distances.Newly created Suspensions systems enable an improved traction and safety


The bike contains a traditional platform pedal with relatively large flat area for foot rest. Bike comes with replaceable metal traction pins and cartridge bearings


Gears have a newly engineered shift mechanism that allows the selections of the appropriate gear ratio for efficiency or comfort under the circumstances given on the terrain .

Exterior Design/Color:

The bike has a sleek white and black color, thats grandiose and showy art work in one of its key features.

Make A Review:

Review: This bike is Literally off the chain!!! It is the best bike on the street that it'll make your class mates
Review: I would not get this bike. It really Sucks
Review: Warning! This bike works great the first few times that you ride it, but for some reason it wears out quickly'