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    HR Phone: (888) 876-5544     HR Email: hr@overmoyerbicycles.com
    Customer Service Phone: (888) 876-4433    Customer Service Email: customerservice@overmoyerbicycles.com

    Individual Store Locations:

    Overmoyer Manhattan · 333 7th Avenue · New York, NY 10001 · 952-926-6651

    Bronx Overmoyer · 3 81st Street · New York, NY 10460 · 612-659-7830

    Overmoyer Brooklyn · 743 Sutter Avenue · New York, NY 11207 · 612-659-7955

    Overmoyer Queens · 1104 248th Street · New York, NY 11422 · 612-333-0434

    Overmoyer Bicycles, Inc. · 19 Front Street · Newburgh, NY 12550 · 612-331-6330

    Overmoyer Philidelphia - North · 1335 W Tabor Rd. · Philadelphia, MN 19141 · 952-922-1970

    Overmoyer Philadelphia · 111 Fairmount Ave · Philadelphia, MN 19123 · 612-377-6035

    Overmoyer Long Island · 76 Newtown Lane · New York, NY 11937 · 952-252-4900

    Overmoyer of Dover · 400 South Queen Street · Dover, DE 19904 · 612-922-6662

    Overmoyer Baltimore · 856 Park Avenue · Baltimore, MD 21201 · 952-935-0044

    Overmoyer DC · 1600 Pennsylvania Ave · Washington, DC 20500 · 763-544-2530


    Richard Overmoyer founded Overmoyer Bicycles, Inc. in the fall of 1971. Richard had always been interested in bikes and had a hobby of building and customizing his own bicycles. He created Overmoyer Bicycles, Inc. as a small, one-man shop selling and repairing high-end bicycles for New England locals. The demand for his service increased rapidly, as he was known for the quality of his work. By 1995, the company had grown to 3,000 employees and had expanded to most of the country. In December of 1999, Richard turned the company over to his daughter, Brenda Overmoyer, to take the company into the 21st century and lead its expansion into the international market. From a small one-man operation came great success. Overmoyer Bicycles, Inc. currently has 64 retail stores across the United States and 4 stores abroad. Ever expanding, Overmoyer hopes to be able to offer its bicycles to the entire world. We look forward to serving more of the world each day!

    Our Product

    Our company has always been proud of producing goods and equipment of the finest quality. Founded by cyclists, we know the importance of quality in our products. As an American company, we also know the importance of supporting our fellow citizens. Overmoyer for this reason manufactures all of its bikes locally in the New England area. We are proud to be an American brand. Whether it be our mountain or road bikes, our parts, or even our apparel, we always guarantee our products will be nothing less than the best. As a road and mountain bike manufacturer, we have a vast selection of bikes ready to cater to whatever needs you may have. Throughout our US locatons and abroad, we prides ourselves on being able to offer over 500 different bicycles to fit your specific needs as a cyclist.

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    Comfort Technology:

    Comfortable Seats and grips, great front and back suspension, riding seat is great for really long distances. Newly created suspensions systems enable improved traction and safety.


    The bike contains a traditional platform pedal with relatively large flat area for foot rest. Bike comes with replaceable metal traction pins and cartridge bearings.


    Gears have a newly engineered shift mechanism that allows the selections of the appropriate gear ratio for efficiency or comfort under the circumstances given by the terrain.

    Exterior Design/Color:

    The bike has a sleek white and black color. Grandiose and showy artwork is one of its key features.

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    Review: This bike is Literally off the chain!!! It is the best bike on the street that it'll make your class mates...
    Review: I would not get this bike. It really sucks.
    Review: Warning! This bike works great the first few times that you ride it, but for some reason it wears out quickly