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Spring: Digital Music Player for Moms


Introduction Visual Interface & Interaction Design Class


This project focused on designing a digital music player for a target group of our choice. The goals for this project were the following:

—design product interactions that support the emotional connection between people and their music within the given context that make people feel better about the role they enact —extend the themes previously identified in the design of music players, including contextual integration, social interaction, and the connection between the product and the enacted social role Our design team decided to take on the challenge of developing a product for mothers as the main user.


This task relied on researching the lives of mothers and getting to know the whole culture of how society would define mothers. The project was a process of reevaluating our outlook on mothers and challenging the false presuppositions that attempt to blind our design. With research backing our design, we brainstormed a broad range of solutions and began narrowing them down. Having settled on a final design, we implemented it, and presented its capabilities through a video sketch.


























< Video sketch









Colin Matsco (Industrial Design Undergrad)

Margaret Szeto (HCI & Design Undergrad)