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‘Mobile Media Life’ is a cooperative project with Motorola and is about designing a new system or service on mobile device for user group 18~25. Motorola asked us how to fuse community and multi-media in new ways for user target and how to deal with privacy and security issues. Our team launched a platform for personalization, named Moto Tailor (MotoTLR), which helps users personalize content and its delivery, create flexible user interfaces, and share these ideas and media habits with other users. It drives the media we know of now - information, news, entertainment, and communication - and plants the seed for the new media of our generation: a medium of ideas and expressions that revolve our natural acts personalization as we make technology work for, express and enrich our lives.



Moto TLR:


The MotoTLR platform allows users to acquire, modify, create, and share applications and knowledge for their mobile device. Users access a profile on a dedicated Motorola website that acts as the user’s “control panel” for their TLR. In this control panel, users are able to drag and drop features right into their UI, accessible right in the profile page. What a user sees on your profile as your TLR interface is exactly what appears on the TLR handheld device. The TLR is run by a Web OS, which allows the user to access their profile anywhere there is a web connection, including on the TLR. Your profile is modifiable as well, with modules that move around and different color schemes to your liking. The TLR community is the place where knowledge and applications are shared between users, all for free. Users can also modify and create their own UIs, skins, and applications for their TLR thanks to the open API platform. For more advanced users, a developer packaged is available for greater access to the TLR OS.


I submitted this research paper at the CHI 2008 Work-in-Progress and plan to submit the

full paper at the Design & Emotion


























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Jared Cole (Interaction Design Masters)

Joe Iloreta (Interaction Design Masters)

Sri Syridivia (Interaction Design Masters)

Jeff Tzucker (Communi & Info Design Masters)